2014 Parkway Tree Program: Forms Due April 11th

As8 part of the Village's ongoing environmental effort, and in order to increase the number of trees in town, the Village will share the cost of about 60 new parkway trees. The Village will contribute 50% of the cost of the trees, with residents providing the remainder.

The Program
The expense to the property owner will be $165.00. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary and is limited to owner-occupied homes. Owners of homes in new subdivisions should be aware that developers are required to furnish parkway trees. If your lot does not have final grading and landscaping, or is scheduled for a developer installed tree, you may want to delay any purchase. However, you are not restricted from participating once final grading is finished.

Trees can be placed only within the parkway. Residents may suggest locations for the trees, but locations will be reviewed for suitability and to avoid utility conflicts.

The Village will plant the trees in May (as weather permits) and will monitor the health of the tree during the initial growing season.

Each new parkway tree must be placed midway between the curb (or pavement edge) and the sidewalk (or 7' from the pavement for locations without a sidewalk), at least 30' from any other parkway trees, at least 10' from a driveway, and at least 45' from an intersection. Please do not select locations next to manholes, fire hydrants, or street lights. Every attempt will be made to locate the tree as indicated on the reverse side of the order form. Please make your drawing as clear as possible, noting the location of your house, the curb, the sidewalk, driveways, intersections, existing trees, fire hydrants, or any other objects in the area.

Due to its low mature height, the Prairiefire Crabapple can be used near power lines.

All orders must be submitted on the order form. (Copies may be downloaded in PDF format or picked up at the Village Hall.) Please send the form, with a check for the indicated amount, before April 11, 2014 or drop it off at the Village Hall. Without payment in full, your order will not be processed. Late orders may lead to fall planting. Funding for this program and the number of trees are limited. Color photographs of the program trees are available for inspection below or at the Village Hall. Send your order to: 

Gurnee Village Hall
Attn: Parkway Tree Program
325 North O'Plaine Road
Gurnee IL 60031

Village Hall Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Based on the success of previous programs, the Village expects that many homeowners will once again take advantage of this offer. The Village appreciates your participation in the effort. 




Burr Oak, Quercus  macrocarpa - 2.0” caliper (70’ tall X 70’ wide at maturity)

 A slow growing tree with a broad spreading crown.  The most majestic of the native oaks.



Swamp White Oak, Quercus bicolor - 2.0” caliper (55’tall x 55’ wide at maturity)

A slow growing native oak with yellow fall color.



 bur oak leaf

Exclamation Planetree, Platanus x acerifolia - 2 1/2" caliper (60' tall x 30' wide at maturity)

A hybrid selection of London Planetree, selected for its uniform, upright-pyramidal habit, moderate growth rate and resistance to anthracnose. Attractive, exfoliating bark of cream, olive and light brown color.




Triumph Hybrid Elm, Ulmus hybrid - 2.0" (55' tall x 50' wide at maturity)

A fast growing tree with shiny dark green leaves turning a nice yellow in fall. Bred for its resistance to Dutch Elm Disease and shows many of the desirable traits of the American Elm.




European Hornbeam, Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ - 2.0” caliper (50’ tall x 30’ wide at maturity)

A slow to medium growing oval vase shaped tree with a striking smooth gray bark.  Good for narrower locations.



‘Prairiefire’ Crabapple, Malus ‘Prairiefire’ - 2.0” caliper (20’ tall x 20’ wide at maturity)

An upright and abundantly flowering variety of the species. Red buds opening to dark red purplish flowers in spring, attractive smaller red fruit in the fall.  Nice ornamental for a smaller space.