Agenda of the Joint Meeting of the Gurnee Zoning Board of Appeals - May 27, 2009

DATE:             Wednesday, May 27, 2009
TIME:              7:30 P.M.
PLACE:           Gurnee Village Hall, 325 North O’Plaine Road
  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
    1. Plan Commission
    2. Zoning Board of Appeals
  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  1. Informal Discussion: Discussion of possible regulatory standards for incorporation into the Zoning Ordinance for the parking/storage of Recreational Vehicles and Haul Trailers on residentially zoned or used properties
(The Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals will review other communities’ regulations pertaining to the parking/storage of recreational vehicles and haul trailers on residentially zoned or used parcels.)
  1. Adjournment