2010 Annual Report/2011 Village Calendar

Copies of the 2010 Annual Report/2011 Village Calendar are available at the Village Hall. The Annual Report/Village Calendar is also available below in PDF format for downloading.

  • Download 2010 Annual Report/2011 Village Calendar in its entirety (PDF, 2.19MB, 31 pages)
    • Download Annual Report Pages 1-10 only (PDF, 968KB, 10 pages)
      (Pages 1-10 consist of Cover, Introduction, Mayor & Village Board, Revenues/Expenditures, The Village & Other Local Governments, Public Safety in 2010,  The Year in Review, Administration Department, Infrastructure, Community Development Department.)
    • Download Annual Report Pages 11-19 only (PDF, 1.03MB, 9 pages)
      (Pages 11-19 consist of Economic Development, Fire, 911/Communications, Community Feedback Survey, Community Events, Sustainability, Police Department, Community, Public Works Department.)
    • Download 2011 Calendar Pages only (PDF, 349KB, 12 pages)
Publication Type: 
Annual Report - Village
Publication Date: 
February 4, 2011