Applying/Paying for Business Licenses Online FAQs

Q. Can I apply for a new business license online?
No, only renewals are accepted online. New businesses cannot use the online E-Pay system as new applicants must apply for Certificate of Occupancy Permits in person. For more information on applying for NEW business license applications, please visit

Q. Is there a fee to renew for a business license online?
A. Yes. The fees are charged per the IL E-Pay System and they are as follows: 

License Fee (January 1 - December 31st) Convenience Fee Total to Pay
$150.00 Annual Fee $3.75 $153.75
$300.00 Annual Fee $7.50 $307.50
$600.00 Annual Fee $12.00 $612.00
* Note: There is no fee for non for profit organizations. If a business' initial operations occur after July 1st, the fee is reduced by 50%

Q. What is the turnaround time for NEW license applications?
A. It takes approximately 15 business days due to Finance processing the new business license applications and checking with the Building and Fire Departments for compliance with the Certificate of Occupancy requirement.

Q. What is the turnaround time for RENEWAL license applications?
A. It will take approximately one week for the Village to issue a license. The license will be mailed to the mailing address that was provided.

Q. If I submit an application online, do I need to send anything to the Village?
A. No. Once a license has been submitted online, the Village will receive all the information needed to process the license.

Q. What if I enter information in error?
A. You may contact the Village to correct the error by calling 847-599-7500 (Business Licensing).

Q. Do I get a receipt if I apply for a license online?
A. Yes. If an email was provided, you will receive a confirmation email within minutes of receiving/processing the application. If no email was provided, then you may contact the Village to request a copy of the receipt.

Q. What cards are accepted to pay for a business license online?
A. Business licenses can be paid using a Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card. When you receive the statement from your credit card company, you will see two charges: one for the license and one for the convenience fee.

Q. How do I renew a business license online?
A. You will need a Unique Invoice Code Number (UICN) in order to renew your license. This UICN will be printed on the Renewal Notice the Village mails to your business.

Q. Who do I contact if there are any issues with Online Business Licensing?
A. Please contact the Village at 847-599-7500 and request the Business Licensing Department.