Wind Energy Systems Ordinance & Regulations


Approved Wind Energy Systems
Ordinance & Regulations
On November 1, 2010, the Gurnee Village Board approved an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance relating to Wind Energy Systems (i.e. a wind turbine) on residentially and non-residentially zoned and/or used properties in the Village of Gurnee.  The primary purpose of the ordinance is to create regulations for Small Wind Energy Systems, which are wind turbines that are primarily used to produce power for the same property that the wind turbine is located. The ordinance created separate zoning regulations for wind turbines placed on buildings (Building Mounted Wind Energy Systems) and wind turbines placed on the ground (Tower Mounted Wind Energy Systems). 
Placement of a wind energy system requires that all ordinance requirements have been met including, but are not limited to, setbacks, height, sound, etc [see attached ordinance for all zoning requirements]. Because the restrictions vary depending on the type, location, and mounting of the wind turbine, it is recommended that prior to purchasing a wind turbine that you contact Planning & Zoning staff to determine what the zoning restrictions would be for the proposed turbine. [While not directly part of the Zoning Ordinance update, it is also recommended that you also contact the Building Safety staff to determine what building code requirements would have to be satisfied.]
Please note that the new ordinance specifically prohibits Large Wind Energy Systems from being located within the Village of Gurnee corporate limits. A Large Wind Energy System is primarily used to produce power commercially for off-site power distribution and is sometimes referred to as a utility scale turbine/wind farm in the local news media.
When do these restrictions take effect? 
The restrictions took place immediately following the passage of the ordinance.
Where can I find more info? 
For more information or clarification, please view the ordinance or contact the Community Development Department – Planning & Zoning at (847) 599-7550 during the normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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