Community Development

News about the Community Development Department

Village of Gurnee Fee Schedule

The Village of Gurnee Comprehensive Fee Schedule is updated annually and includes descriptions, amounts, and a reference to the authorizing ordinance or administrative body. The schedule includes fees for:   

  • Business Licenses 
  • Utility & Engineering
  • Building Safety
  • Planning & Zoning 
  • Administrative
  • Police
  • Fire 
  • Local Taxes
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Zoning Ordinance Update

Welcome to the website for the Village of Gurnee Zoning Ordinance Update.  The Gurnee Village Board hired Camiros, Ltd, an urban planning consulting firm, to assist Village staff in a comprehensive update of the Village’s more than 30 year old Zoning Ordinance. 

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What are the new RV & Haul-Trailer Requirements?

On March 15, 2010, the Gurnee Village Board approved an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance relating to parking and storage of recreational vehicles and haul-trailers outside on residentially zoned and used properties. Please visit the Village's RV & Haul-Trailer Requirements page for full details.

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Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance and Nuisance Codes are concerned with the ongoing health, safety, maintenance, and occupancy of existing structures and properties rather than the construction of new structures, which is covered under the Building Code. The development and implementation of a property maintenance program reflects the Village’s commitment to the safety, healthfulness, quality, and presentation of the community.

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Where should notice of foreclosures be sent?

Notice of foreclosures shall be sent to: Gurnee Village Hall; ATTN: Patrick Muetz, Village Administrator; 325 North O'Plaine Road, Gurnee, IL 60031

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Where can I put a deck or patio?

Terraces (Open) and Porches (Nonenclosed), not to exceed four (4) feet into any required front or side yard and not to exceed ten (10) feet into any required rear yard.  (*Amended April 16, 1990, Ord. No. 90-43)

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