Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Economic Development Committee - December 1, 2011

 Village of Gurnee

Economic Development Committee Minutes

December 1, 2011


The meeting was held in Conference Room A, Gurnee Village Hall, 325 N. O’Plaine Road and called to order at 7:30 P.M.

Members Present:            Chairman Stephen Park, Randy Ebertowski, Bill Finn, Tom Henderson, Brad Jenks, Karen Thorstenson, Dick Welton 

Members Absent:              Rob Elbrecht, Roneida Martin

Other Officials Present:    David Ziegler, Community Development Director; Ryan Mentkowski, Associate Planner


1. Welcome, Chair Remarks and Introduction of the Committee Members

Chairman Stephen Park welcomed the new committee members to the first formal meeting and explained the general rules required for each meeting that takes place.  Each Committee member and staff then proceeded to provide a brief introduction of themselves, including any experience that they feel would be useful to the Committee.  It was noted that Trustee Park would be the Committee chairman and that Community Development staff would be the Secretary for the Committee.


2. Report from Village Staff regarding the organization, duties and purpose of the Economic Development Committee

Mr. Ziegler and Mr. Mentkowski provided a brief report to the Committee which discussed the creation of the committee by the Village Board on October 3rd, 2011.


3. Discussion regarding an Economic Development Plan for the Village of Gurnee

Mr. Mentkowski and Mr. Ziegler presented a PowerPoint presentation titled “An Economic Development Plan for the Village of Gurnee” to the Committee.  The presentation dated December 1, 2011 provided the following general information about the Village of Gurnee to the Committee:

  • Locator Map of the Village of Gurnee, including the breakdown of the acreage for each zoning district.
  • Village of Gurnee community profile/demographic statistics including population, housing units, race, age, income, educational attainment, and the number of businesses and employees in Gurnee.
  • Village of Gurnee financial information from the current Village Budget explaining where the revenues and costs are coming from, including the 2010 property tax rate of which $0 comes from the Village of Gurnee.
  • List of some of the other stakeholders in the Village including School Districts, the Park District, the Forest Preserve, the Library District, Warren Township, Lake County, Village of Gurnee Chamber of Commerce, Lake County Visitors Bureau, Lake County Partners, College of Lake County, North Shore Sanitary District (NSSD), and Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency (CLCJAWA).


Following the general information about the Village itself, Mr. Mentkowski provided a list of possible options the Committee could utilize when determining what the development of an economic development plan could be.  The process included the following general steps:

  • Refine/Approve the Vision Statement for Economic Development
    • Compile detailed background information (like Strengths / Weaknesses; Opportunities / Threats)
  • Define Economic Development Goals
  • Define Objectives to reach the stated Goals
  • Define Specific Actions to meet Objectives
  • Implementation Strategy
  • How to Measure Success / Failures
  • Monitor Plan on a regular basis


Mr. Mentkowski finished the presentation by listing some possible strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that the Committee could utilize in the analysis of the Village from an economic development perspective.


Mr. Welton provided 5 articles to staff relating to the “amazon sales tax” issue so that they could be distributed to the Committee members for their review.  He also discussed the importance of the Chicago region as a whole and that the Committee should be aware of agencies like the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) which is the official regional planning organization for the northeastern Illinois counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will.  He suggested that staff provide the Committee members with a web link to the CMAP website so they could sign up for the weekly emails and stay up to date on the news coming from the Chicago region.


Chairman Park stated that the Committee’s homework for the next meeting would be for each member to take a copy of the staff presentation from tonight home and mark it up for discussion at the next Committee meeting.  He stated that the comments are not restricted and can include areas where the Committee may agree, disagree, or provide additional information related to staff’s presented strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.  Additionally, he stated that each member can also create a list of threats that the Village and the region may face in the future.


4. Discussion of the 2012 Meeting Dates, including the time and date of the regularly scheduled Committee meetings.

Following a brief discussion with the Committee members regarding the preferred regular date and time of the Economic Development Committee meeting, it was decided that the current meeting date did not work well for all the members.  The Committee provided direction for Village staff to contact Committee member’s Elbrecht and Martin to see if they would be available for regular meetings to be held on the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in Conference Room A at Gurnee Village Hall.  It was agreed that if the two absent members could make the revised meeting times and dates that the regular meeting of the Committee would be modified to reflect this direction.


5. Adjournment

Chairman Park asked for motion to adjourn.


Mr. Ebertowski made a motion, seconded by Mr. Welton, to adjourn.


The Meeting was adjourned at 9:07 P.M. 


Respectfully Submitted: 


Ryan Mentkowski
Economic Development Committee Secretary

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