Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Emergency Telephone System Board - January 17, 2012


Meeting called to order by Chairman Velkover at 10:00 am

Present: Muetz, Velkover, Friedl, Burkhart, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt, Mann
Absent: Schwarz

Introduction of newly appointed Members

Velkover introduced two newly appointed members as appointed by the Village Board. Village Administrator Pat Muetz was appointed in place of Jim Hayner for a four year term. Fire Fighter/Paramedic Brad Lambert was appointed to fill the remainder of Barry Henby’s term. Velkover also noted the current members which were re-appointed to a four year term: Friedl, Schwarz, and Velkover.

Review/Discussion of Officers

Velkover entertained discussion of the roles of chairman, vice chairman, and secretary, with the change in membership. It was agreed that all positions would remain the same with Velkover as Chairman, Friedl as Vice-Chairman, and Mann serving as Clerk.

Minutes of the 11/15/2011 Regular Meeting

Velkover entertained discussion of the proposed minutes for the November 15, 2011 meeting. Velkover suggested the correction of the word “Miutes” to read as “Minutes” in the title on the first page. It was also determined that motion and second for the Pembrook Water Tower Standby Generator was made by Henby and Hayner respectively. Muetz asked if on page 4, under Private Switch ALI, 1300 Route 21 should read 1300 Route 41. Muetz also noted that in the same section, Auto Party City, should be Auto Parts City.

Motion to approve as amended by Muetz , 2nd by Kincaid
All ayes – Motion carried

Treasurer’s Report – May 1,2011 – December 31, 2011

Velkover reviewed the contents of the Treasurer’s Report as prepared by Finance Director Lembesis. Velkover noted the continuing trends in revenues, and lack of any interest income. Velkover also noted planned significant expenditures.
Motion by Friedl to accept, 2nd by Mann
All Ayes – Motion Carried

Old Business

Communications Statistics

Velkover asked Marquardt to review the statistics for both October and November 2011.

Marquardt advised that October Police Calls For Service (CFS) have climbed a little compared to October of last year. Marquardt also noted that total combined EMD scores are a little below normal due to some re-review of the scoring.

It was noted that the total number of calls into the center appear to be down overall. It appears police CFS for he entire year will be down from last year. Velkover asked for a reminder on which the parties were involved in EMD scoring from the Fire Department. Marquardt noted that scores generally fluctuated somewhat when EMD materials were upgraded due to the learning curve.

Wireless 911 - Update on Phase I (WRLS) vs. Phase II (WHP2) Testing Results and Re-Bid Procedures

Velkover asked Marquardt for an update on re-bid procedures and testing results. Nothing new on this per Marquardt. Marquardt advised there is equipment available to do testing at the agency level instead of having the company come out. AT&T provided a large packet of testing results. The comm. center continues to work with the vendors when they are conducting testing. Per Marquardt it appears there is more testing going on and the testing is going much better than even 2 years ago. Velkover asked if more testing is being performed than in the past. Marquardt felt more testing was occurring with better communication with the PSAPs during the tests.

Private Switch ALI / VoIP / MSAG Items

Great America Parkway
Velkover was aware that Fire Inspector Odden had been in contact with Six Flags. Friedl stated that, Fire Inspector Odden from the fire bureau met with Jay Zipperer and reviewed the phone system for the entire complex. They tested several phones and they dial to the security office and do indicate the location in the park. They advised they were not going to move forward with a private PSAP designation. Marquardt will review the legislation to review if the interior phones are then required to come directly to our center or not. Discussion was made about what further action by the ETSB would be appropriate, if any. Marquardt stated he would further review the legislation. Kincaid pointed out that a large portion of calls from Six Flags originate from patrons cell phones, which already route directly to our 9-1-1 Center.

900 Kilbourne Road
Velkover had received feedback from the Fire Bureau that the school buildings were being separated. Friedl added that intentions were to address the issue further with the new school building.

3455 Washington Street
Velkover stated that he understood the issue involved calls for one building going to Gurnee and another going to Park City/Waukegan. While it was believed that steps taken to rectify the routing, and the fire bureau will be doing some follow up with the business.

4247 Grove Avenue
Velkover was informed that during testing it was found that a 9-1-1 call was routed to the Massachusetts State Police, where the company headquarters are located. The business subsequently installed a local phone line labeled on the phone sets for 9-1-1 calls, which would then route to our PSAP. Testing was done and it works correctly. Marquardt had done some investigation into the regulations. He felt nothing in the regulations prohibited a specific button being designated for 9-1-1 calls, as opposed to every line on the phone. It was agreed that the solution was an improvement over emergency calls being routed out of state.

1125 Tri-State Parkway
Velkover noted that actual calls, beyond testing, had experienced routing issues. Marquardt noted a call initiated in Lake Villa, which came through as the 1125 Tri-State Parkway location. The Fire Bureau continues to work with the business.

Radio Systems

Update on StarComm 21 Console Integration / Radio Consolette
Marquardt advised the analog consolette was installed on January 4th. There was some testing done and there is additional channel programming that needs to be completed. Once programming is done training will be conducted for proper use. Velkover reminded the members on the origin and use of StarComm 21 as a state-wide interoperable radio system. Lambert asked if the talk-group could be changed from the console by tone control. Marquardt advised that would be asked of Chi-Comm during the programming.

Update on 2010 Fire Radio Project
Velkover advised that the parts approved at the last meeting have been ordered, which include a tie-in for the Antioch receive site. Lambert advised the voter needed to be updated to allow for better coverage and communication, including keeping all receive sites from going down during phone line outages. The changes will also facilitate the addition of receive sites in areas such as Park City, if needed, in the future.

Update on Pembrook Water Tower Generator Project
Velkover stated that the project was approved by the Village Board and issue to proceed was done by Village Engineer Scott Drabicki with Pieper Electric. Waiting on parts and then work will begin. Thanks are given to Drabicki for his work on getting this project going. Muetz asked if Utility Service Corporation had been contacted. Velkover confirmed that a lengthy discussion of how to best penetrate the tower for conduits including input from Utility Service Corporation.

Illinois Commerce Commission – Part 725 Rewrite
Marquardt advised he has not heard anything new or follow up as of yet. Involved parties are all in agreement at this point about any issues that were brought forward. A survey was conducted and the results were used to guide the legislation, including recommendations on surcharge amounts. This act covers next generation 911. Implementation and even testing cannot move forward until this rewrite is complete.

Annual Filings / Joint Jurisdictional Agreements
Marquardt expected to have the filing completed and ready for signatures later in the week. It was also noted that a letter was received from the Lake County ETSB to continue all agreements. Velkover reviewed the annual filing requirements as a reminder for the members.

Report on Annual APCO/NENA 9-1-1 Conference, October 16-19, Springfield, Illinois
Velkover stated that the board had approved up to 4 attendees at a cost not to exceed $3,200. He also noted that submittals for the conference came in significantly lower than the approved amount. Marquardt advised that himself, Telecommunicator Jason Shirkey, Shift Leader (S/L) Wendy Mann, and FireFighter/Paramedic Brad Lambert attended. He added that making contact with vendors on topics such as our Motorola Gold Elite Console lifespan was one objective. There were not as many vendors as there have been in previous years, likely due to the economic conditions. Multiple classes and sessions were attended by each person which were beneficial in different areas. Lambert advised it was somewhat disappointing the vendor area was not as large as previous years, as he has derived a great deal of knowledge from face-to-face vendor interactions in the past.

Report on PSSI User Group Conference, November 15-17, New Orleans, Louisiana
Velkover noted that a presentation was given by S/L Mann, Marquardt and Detective Mann at the village board meeting on Nov 28th, 2011. Velkover complimented the presenters and added that it was well received by the board and there was good feedback. A copy of the power point is included in the packet. Marquardt and Mann noted that attendance at the PSSI User Group was down in comparison to previous year. Mann also noted that a preview of upcoming releases was provided, and that they were able to interact directly with the PSSI programmers. Kincaid appreciated the support of the ETSB and Village Board regarding the conference. Mann noted that attendance had a direct impact on the focus for software development and enhancements. Velkover added that reimbursements for the conference came in under the approved amount of $2,000.

C. New Business

Expenditures / Invoices / Budget

Velkover reviewed: the 911 Fund Expenditure Summary for the period 11/11/2011 – 1/12/2012 in the amount of $14,376.31; Account Activity Listing for the period 11/11/2011 – 1/12/2012; and Detail Budget Report Fiscal Year 2012 to Date prepared 1/14/2012. Velkover added that no line items were currently over budget. Velkover entertained discussion.
Motion to approve the expenditures by Friedl, 2nd by Marquardt
Roll Call Vote
Ayes – Mann, Marquardt, Kincaid, Lambert, Burkhart, Friedl, Muetz, Velkover
Nays - None
Motion Carried

FY 2012-2013 Budget - Budget Committee Proposal

Burkhart, Kincaid, and Velkover met to prepare the proposed budget. Velkover went over the proposed budget line by line. Wire-line surcharge revenues were projected to decrease by around 10%. Increase in part time salaries to account for a second part-time communication operator position and possibly an intern for the mobile computer update/installation. EMD recertifications are contemplated in training. Conference costs are included under meeting & convention. APCO and NENA dues under dues and subscriptions. Consulting services includes a request for Priority Dispatch to review EMD. Gurnee Days materials are included under public relations. Shared cost for ConnectCTY under service charge. Network services includes an amount contingent on a new data connection between the Police Station and Fire Station 2 as it relates to back-up dispatching which has not been implemented to date, also any future ESI-Net actvitity would be targeted to the same account.

EMD Supplies include costs for card sets related to program changes. Marquardt noted recent changes related to CPR. Headsets and headset parts are included in communication supplies. ESDA lines are included under telephone service. Mobile data service charges relate to the 3G cellar data service for MDCs. An as needed maintenance amount was included for the MDCs which are no longer covered under a maintenance agreement. The vast majority of software maintenance relates to Public Safety Systems Inc (PSSI). Telecom maintenance includes 9-1-1 answering equipment and the netclock. Equipment maintenance is up for the UPS maintenance contract being extended to 3 years which allows for a better price. Also replacing the UPS batteries will be cheaper to do in conjunction with a new maintenance agreement. An amount is also included for XYBIX furniture maintenance. Building maintenance includes HVAC maintenance for the center.

The telecom equipment capital item includes funding for Busy User Display (BUD) equipment as requested. The furniture item includes funds for the shared cost of chair replacement. Computer hardware includes shared costs for new tape backup system equipment. Computer software includes an amount of $20,000 for PSSI enhancements on an as needed basis. It was noted that this amount has not been expended in the last few years. The communications equipment capital item includes funding for radio improvements. The mobile data capital account is a large number due to all MDC’s slated for replacement. Four (4) may be purchased the current fiscal year as a pilot project and the remainder in the upcoming fiscal year.

Motion to approve the Budget Proposal as presented by Mann, 2nd by Friedl

Roll call
Ayes – Velkover, Muetz, Friedl, Burkhart, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt, Mann
Nays – None
Motion carried

Review of Five Year Project Plan
Velkover reviewed the provided spreadsheet listing 9-1-1 related major projects. While amounts and projected dates had been adjusted, no significant projects were added or removed since the last review. Velkover noted that the Centracom Radio Console replacement project was not listed, but was on the master sheet and should have been shown. Mann suggested an adjustment to the projection for the in-building video system for the Police Station. Lambert asked about the two separate items listed for Fire Radio equipment, and it was noted that they could be combined going forward.

Articles, Correspondence & Info

Velkover noted the included information regarding a settlement regarding Tracfone and prepaid wireless by Karl Pound, Illinois Commerce Commission

Regarding FEMA Emergency Alert System (EAS) - Nationwide Emergency Alert System Post-Test Information, Velkover asked if we had seen a large influx of calls during the test. Marquardt was concerned, but no noticeable impact was observed. The lack of complete system activation nation-wide was discussed.

Velkover also noted the article Trends in Mobile Radio Backhaul, David Christophe, MissionCritical Communications, and how it related to current projects.

APCO as an EMD Vendor
Marquardt related that on December 7, he, S/L Richardson and S/L Mann attended a meeting at Highland Park Hospital in reference to EMD and alternative vendors. They looked at APCOs offering in comparison to our current program. Cost was about the same as the current system, so there would be no real savings. There were noted issues with quality assurance and lack of standardization. It did not appear to be up to the caliber as the current vendor.

Velkover reminded the members present of the next regular meeting, scheduled for March 13, 2012 at 10:00am

Motion by Lambert to adjourn at 11:07am, 2nd by Kincaid.

All Ayes, motion carried.

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