Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Emergency Telephone System Board - January 21, 2014


Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Chairman Velkover at 10:00 am

Present: Velkover, Friedl, Hood*, Burkhart, Lambert, Marquardt, Muetz, Mann
Absent: Kincaid

*Hood left the meeting at 11:22 am


Approval of Minutes of the 11/12/2013 Regular Meeting
No changes or corrections brought forward.

Motion to approve the minutes as presented by Muetz, 2nd by Marquardt

Aye – All
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Correspondence and Communications

Joint Jurisdictional Agreement Letters
Velkover reviewed the purpose of the Joint Jurisdictional letters.

FCC Policy Necessary to Fix 9-1-1 Location Accuracy Problems – Jamie Barnett – mcmag.com - 1/15/14

Adhering to Best Practices Is Better than New Policy – Joe Hanna – mcmag.com – 1/15/14

Panel Examines E9-1-1 Phase II Location Accuracy, Delivery Issues – Kristen Beckman – mcmag.com -11/25/13
Velkover reviewed wireless call location methods (GPS vs triangulation) in relation to location accuracy. The delay / discrepancy between initial call delivery location and re-bid results was also reviewed. The articles also explored in-building accuracy.

NENA’s ICE 8 Test s NG 9- 1- 1 Multimedia Call Capabilities - Michelle Zilis - mcmag.com - 11/25/13
Velkover explained the basis of the ICE tests for inter-vendor compatibility particularly as it relates to NG-9-1-1. It was also noted that a large number of recording vendors were participating, including our vendor (DSS).

Next Generation 9-1-1:Making the Transition - Todd Poremba - TeleCommunication Systems - 5/30/12

Recommendations for Implementing NG9-1-1 - Todd Poremba - 6/4/10 - TeleCommunication Systems
Velkover stated that the TeleCommunication Systems articles provided background on NG-9-1-1.

Enhancing Public Safety with Next Generation E911 (NG911) - Brent Iadarola - 8/6/12 - Frost and Sullivan
Velkover indicated that this article spoke to the equipment market for NG-9-1-1 and the decreasing number of vendors.

Alabama begins rolling out IP network for 911 - William Jackson - 11/14/13 - Government Computer News
The early preference toward state-wide NG-9-1-1 systems was noted.


Treasurer’s Report
Period of May 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013

Velkover noted revenues of $230,972.00, expenditures of $180,623.00, and a net gain of $50,349.00 He also highlighted net assets of $1,140,887.00. It was also noted that the date on bottom of report should be corrected to December 31st, 2013

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report as amended by Friedl, 2nd by Lambert

Nay- None
Motion Carried

Communications Statistics

  • October 2013
  • November 2013
  • December 2013
  • Calendar Year 2013

Marquardt noted there were not really any surprises in the reports. There was a previous question in the statistics about call hold times and the difference between admin lines, 911, emergency lines, etc. Velkover noted in reviewing the stats, hold time was fairly evenly distributed among the lines. Velkover asked how the report is affected if 2 persons are on the same phone call. Marquardt was fairly certain the times were not being doubled in that scenario. Marquardt gave an example of longer hold times on 911 usually due to a single
incident, such as a traffic accident, where multiple people are calling in at the same time.

Friedl had a question to the alarm signals logged and the large discrepancy in numbers from one year to the next. Marquardt advised that due to the new SIS software more signals are being logged and some automatically, even when the alarm is taken out of service for testing. The addition of “Storm Mode” was also cited as a possible reason for the change.

Private Switch ALI / VoIP / MSAG Items
Chief Friedl reported that for 505 N. Rt 21, unit 202 and unit 102 there were ongoing issues with misreporting the location. Marquardt indicated that it appears Unit 202 was fixed/corrected, but that as of January 20th the issue for 102 is still in place.

9-1-1 Answering Equipment

Budgetary Proposal for Intrado Equipment Upgrade

The current Positron Lifeline equipment was installed when the building was first built and is a traditional card and shelf PBX type system. Quoted for budgetary purposes is an IP based system. An IP type of system will be a requirement with the future Next Gen (NG-9-1-1) systems. It is uncertain when this changeover will actually be a strict requirement. Marquardt advised the current system is no longer supported and parts are hard to locate if needed. Marquardt advised Vernon Hills has gone to a new system and had the same equipment we currently have. They are donating their old equipment to us and we will keep them onsite. AT&T has not given a date in which the equipment will no longer be supported. Velkover stated this is a good time to at least consider budgeting for this equipment. Not necessarily purchasing in the upcoming fiscal year, but we would be ready if the need arose. Mann asked if this is the only quote that was received. Velkover advised this is an upgrade quote from Positron/Intrado. There are several other vendors in the market but we should be looking at interoperability with neighboring agencies and what types of equipment are going with. Velkover also noted that the look of the client software is the same or very similar to the current system, so training time is reduced greatly. Velkover also noted the difference in maintenance going from $10,000.00 a year now to around $33,000.00 per year. Further discussion was deferred to the discussion of the budget proposal

CAD System

Lake County ETSB CAD Fusion Project (FATPOT)

Velkover advised that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Lake County was approved and at this point access needs to be provided from our end. He stated there was no specific date as to when this will be completed but it is plugged into the schedule along with other remote access projects.

Mobile Data Computers (MDCs)

- Status of Police Department Units (Coban)

Velkover and Mann advised on issues with some Coban MDC units and the extreme cold. The issues have been limited to a small amount of computers but is consistently happening where the unit is re-imaged and crashes again shortly after the re-imaging. IS staff is continuing to work with Coban to resolve the issue.

- Pilot Project for Fire Department (Datalux)

Velkover advised that a test unit was in an engine and will now be transitioned to an ambulance for continued pilot testing. A second unit is slated to be purchased to as a second test unit and is up for consideration as a later agenda item.

Radio Systems
- Heather Ridge & Northwestern Tower Equipment Mounting / Cabinets

Work continues with Chicago Communications to complete the cabinet project.

- Pembrook Tower - Future interior & exterior painting activities

We will continue prep work in order to be ready for that tower painting. It is unclear exactly when this work will begin. Muetz stated it is unlikely painting work at Pembrook Tower will occur in the upcoming fiscal year.

- Fire Voter System – evaluation of additional receive site – SE area

Lambert advised that regarding the 8th Street Water Tank, there has been some change in administration at Waukegan and this had to be revisited. Chicago Communications was asked to be an intermediary. Waukegan came back and asked that an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) be created for this project. Velkover advised it appeared this was passed off from the communications division to the planning and zoning division. They requested an IGA be established. Velkover discussed doing some research regarding Waukegan’s equipment on the Northwestern & HeatherRidge Towers. An agreement was found for Northwestern but not for the HeatherRidge Tower. Velkover stated this new IGA should include all 3 locations (Northwestern, Heather Ridge and the 8th Street sites) to indemnify and hold each agency responsible for their own costs. Lambert recommends that an IGA be pursued with Waukegan to gain access to the 8th Street site.

Motorola RoIP Voting System – Budgetary Quote from Chicago Communications

Velkover detailed a Radio over IP system that would replace the current setup, which utilizes telephone lines, to backhaul the transmissions to the main site. Velkover advised the cost of the phone lines has gone up significantly within the last 10 years. Motorola has updated equipment to be able to utilize a data network as the connection. Velkover enumerated the advantages of this approach, and being able to add up to 4 channels to each site. This would reduce the ongoing cost of voting for Police Tactical and Public Works. Currently Police
Tactical is a single site receive at Pembrook Tower, limiting its effective coverage area.

Conference / Event Reports
PSSI User Group, LasVegas, NV – November 11-14, 2013

Mann was an attendee and advised it was a good conference with many agencies in attendance. PSSI came out with the new RMS system client. PSSI did unveil that they were going to begin working on updating CAD in the same fashion as the RMS software. They did advise there will be a cost associated with the upgrades. They did discuss with PSSI the possibility  of becoming a beta testing site when the new CAD is ready for testing. This would also allow us to benefit from significant cost discounts in upgrading. Mann summarized plans for
new CAD monitor/status applications. Mann also noted the customer service liaison, April Herbert, has been proactive with making contact at least once a month, or more, to ensure the lines of communication are open and issues are being addressed. Mann stated overall the conference was a great benefit for Gurnee to attend and convey our concerns and thoughts.

9-1-1 Related Legislation
Public Act 098-0332 – 911 Call Transfers (Illinois House Bill – HB2856)

Marquardt advised that legislation was passed regarding 911 call transfers and the requirements of agencies to have and be in a directory of phone numbers for every PSAP in Illinois. The requirement was also that agencies present their policy on complying with this. APCO/NENA got together and drafted a blanket policy template for agencies to use to comply with this. Marquardt advised this will be put on letterhead and sent for compliance. Marquardt added that each position will have access to a “phonebook” of transfer numbers for
all Illinois PSAPs.

Business Items

Approval of Expenditures / Invoices / Bills
911 Fund Expenditure Summary 11/08/2013 – 1/16/2014
Velkover noted total expenditures were $34,976.00 for the period.

Account Activity Listing 11/08/2013 – 1/16/2014

Detail Budget Report Fiscal Year 2014 to Date

Budget Transfer Request - $800 – 1/17/2014

Velkover advised both the IPSTA conference and the PSSI conference came in under what was budgeted.

Muetz had a question about 1 person being at the IPSTA conference for one day longer than all others. Marquardt advised he was attending an eight (8) hour training on Sunday. Muetz also questioned reimbursement for internet access and whether or not this was necessary for conference attendance. Muetz requested that discretionary items be avoided when feasible going forward.

Velkover advised there was an item from Sprint in the line items for wireless surcharge that was for actually for a tower lease and that he provided the information to Finance.

Motion to approve the expenditures and budget transfer by Mann to Approve, 2nd by Lambert
Roll Call Vote

Ayes - Velkover, Friedl, Hood, Lambert, Burkhart, Marquardt, Muetz, Mann
Nay - None
Motion Carried

Consideration of Purchase of 3 years of Extended Maintenance Support for the DSS Equature NG9-1-1 Communication Recording
System at a cost of $15,405.00.

Velkover advised we purchased 3 years of maintenance with the initial purchase, which is about to expire. The cost is discounted when purchased in multiple years. Velkover felt there were no plans to change the equipment during the next 3 years, and Marquardt added that DSS had been very responsive to issues we have identified with the system.
Motion to approve by Friedl, 2nd by Marquardt

Roll call vote

Aye - Mann, Muetz, Marquardt, Burkhart, Lambert, Hood, Friedl, Velkover
Nay - None
Motion Carried

Consideration of Purchase of 1 Fire Mobile Data Computer (MDC) at a cost no to exceed $6,750.00.

Velkover and Lambert agreed that addition time as a pilot project would be beneficial prior to the larger purchase. It was further agreed that the remainder of the units would be replaced in FY 14-15.

Motion to approve by Muetz, 2nd by Burkhart
Roll Call Vote

Ayes - Velkover, Friedl, Hood, Lambert, Burkhart, Marquardt, Muetz, Mann
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Discussion of FY 2014-2015 Budget Proposal
Discussion was made about the proposed budget as presented. Velkover thanked the other members of the Budget Committee (Kincaid & Lambert) as well as the input received from Marquardt. Velkover then went through some of the main items. Revenue is almost exclusively wireline and wireless surcharges. Wireline revenue has continued to consistently drop each year with estimated revenues of $110,000 for next year. Wireless revenues are estimated at $215,000 for next year. For expenditures, under Wages & Benefits, part-time salaries have increased due to budgeting for part-time call-taker only positions. This in turn increased the Social Security and Medicare line items. Muetz had a question about the overtime line item, which after some discussion was reduced to $500.00 from the presented $1,000. Under Personnel Expenses the Training and Schools was increased due to the need to send the proposed part-time call taker positions having to be sent to the full EMD certification. Meetings & Conventions was increased from $4,000 to $5,000 based on past experience. The Dues and Subscriptions was reduced to $150.00 from the proposed $250 based on only renewing APCO dues. General Legal Service was reduced to $500.00 from the proposed $1,500 based on past experience. Consulting services was reduced to $10,000 from the proposed $15,000. This was budgeted for the consulting on equipment upgrades and possible consolidation activity and would be a shared cost between the general fund and 911 Fund. Muetz advised there was $30,000.00 in the police budget for this. Discussion was made about doing a share cost with outside agencies and what other agencies have had done already. Network services are proposed at $30,000 in hopes of upgrading the back-haul connection for mobile data computers. Communications supplies are up as the wireless headsets and batteries are in need of replacement, many of which are over 8-9 years old. For Software Maintenance Velkover contacted PSSI and obtained figures for the annual renewal. Computer Hardware is up and is due to a need to replace the network switching equipment. The current switches were installed with the building are near the end of support. This is a shared cost and is 25% of the total, at $37,625 in the 9-1-1 Fund. Communications equipment, $67,740 is for the ChiComm proposal for the voter update and the remainder is for the display wall update in the communications center. The display wall is a shared cost with the Police Department. Mobile Data will be reduced to $90,000 from the proposed $97,500 and is for purchase of the Fire Department mobiles. Computer Software will be reduced
to $5,000 from the proposed $25,000 based on removing funds for CAD modifications.

Discussion was had about the Telecom Equipment line item of $250,000, related to the proposal to purchase the 911 Phone equipment upgrade. There was concern that including this item would result in a net increase of over $600,000 in the proposed budget. Muetz felt this was too big of an increase, especially prior to knowing where we are going with consolidation efforts. After discussion additional discussion it was decided to remove this item from the proposed budget and defer it to a future budget.

Motion to approve as amended by Muetz, 2nd Marquardt
Roll Call Vote

Ayes - Velkover, Friedl, Lambert, Burkhart, Marquardt, Muetz, Mann
Nay – None
Absent: - Hood
Motion Carried

Annual ICC Filing and Affirmation of Joint Jurisdictional Agreements
Marquardt had the ICC Filing completed and ready for signature. He noted the addition of reporting for 9-1-1 call volume statistics, surcharge monies received, and total annual expenditures. Expenditures from both the 9-1-1 Fund and Communications Budget will be submitted in order to represent our complete costs.

Public Comment
No public comment

Next Scheduled Meeting:
Regular Meeting – March 4, 2014 - 10:00am

Motion to adjourn at 11:48 am by Mann, 2nd by Lambert
Motion Carried, Meeting Adjourned


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