Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Emergency Telephone System Board - March 4, 2014


Call to Order: Chairman Velkover called the meeting to order at 10:00 am

Present: Velkover, Friedl, Hood, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt, Muetz, Mann
Absent: Burkhart

Velkover stated that Burkhart indicated he would not be able to attend in advance.

Approval of Minutes of the 01/21/2014 Regular Meeting
Velkover stated the minutes were not ready and will be presented at the next meeting

Correspondence and Communications

Annual Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) PSAP Filing
Velkover reminded the members of the annual requirements related to the filing. He also thanked Marquardt for his work in preparing and
filing the materials. The details of filing were briefly reviewed. Marquardt added that new items regarding call volumes, revenues, and
expenditures had been added at the request of the ICC.

Joint Jurisdictional Agreement Letters
Velkover noted the annual recurring letters between jurisdictions regarding call hand-offs had been completed.

Final Phase II Report Consolidated 9-1-1 / Dispatch Study (Highland Park, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest) - Dec 2013

Consolidated 9-1-1/Dispatch Study Presentation (Highland Park, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest)

Velkover noted that the next two items were related to the same dispatch consolidation effort for the listed communities. He believed the resulting recommendation was to combine all three centers in cooperation with Glenview. He also noted that Matrix Consulting had completed the study. Velkover asked for comments or discussion from other members.

Report to Congress on State Collection and Distribution of 9-1-1 and E9-1-1 Fees & Charge – FCC 12-31-2013
Velkover noted that the State of Illinois was highlighted in the report, negatively, as one of a few states which “borrowed” 9-1-1 funds for other purposes. The trend indicated in the report was toward better compliance with the intended use of fees over time. Marquardt added that when funds are moved away from 9-1-1 it negatively impacts the ability of the state to qualify for federal grants. He also explained that APCO & NENA are working to include anti-sweeping clauses in future 9-1-1 legislation. Velkover indicated that this only applies to
wireless funds, as wireline funds are remitted directly to the respective ETSBs. Marquardt also noted that there was some discrepancy between the Illinois section of the report and the ICC regarding the use of funds for NG-9-1-1.

Prussing, others want state to raise cellphone 9-1-1 fee – Patrick Wade - news-gazette.com 02-19-2014Velkover explained that METCAD is the Champaign area consolidated dispatch center. Marquardt highlighted the statements from the Rantoul Mayor regarding being able to afford the services METCAD provides. Velkover felt this reflected a broader discussion of what percentage of dispatch costs would be covered by 9-1-1 surcharges.

DSS Equature Refresher Training – Heather VanPelt DSS Corp – 02-24-14
Marquardt indicated that he would be in contact with DSS to take advantage of the no cost training offer.

9-1-1 Call Centers Consider Impact of FCC Texting Proposal – Brian Heaton – emergencymgmt.com 2-12-2014
Marquardt stated that agencies need to contact carriers regarding a bounce back message for centers not currently accepting text to 9-1-1.

Collaboration Moves Utah Toward Next-Gen 9-1-1 – Justine Brown – emergencymgmt.com 01-13-2014
Velkover briefly described the multi-county effort described in the article, and how they were able to build an ESInet for NG-9-1-1.


Treasurer’s Report - Period of May 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013

Velkover thanked Finance Director Diane Lembesis for preparing the report. He summarized revenues of $257,707 and expenditures of
$188,862.00 for a net gain in the fund of $68,845.00 for the period.

Motion to approve by Friedl, 2nd by Lambert

Aye – All
Nay – None

Motion Carried

Communications Statistics

January 2014

Velkover noted that the trend in police calls for service continues to go up. Fire calls for service were also up. Friedl believed this was due at least in part to the weather. Non-Emergency calls for service were up as well. The numbers for EMD were trending upward. Marquardt advised that beginning looking at February they are trending downward. He indicated nothing specific as to why.

Private Switch ALI / VoIP / MSAG Items

Velkover believed there were no outstanding items. Marquardt indicated that the items for last meeting had all been resolved.

9-1-1 Answering Equipment

Velkover asked if we had received the used equipment previously discussed. Marquardt stated that used equipment from Vernon Hills had
been received and put in storage at the Police Station. These are backup/spare parts for the current phone equipment.

Consolidation & Funding

Lake County ETSB Request for Information – received 2/24/14

This is a letter from Chairman Dado requesting specific information for all PSAP’s in the county. Velkover questioned if this related to the Lake County consolidation study. Velkover asked if Marquardt has heard anything more on this but he has not. Velkover will work on getting this completed and back to them. Velkover will also request them to share the results when it is complete.

Illinois Commerce Commission/9-1-1 Services Advisory Board – Memo on Financial Reporting 2/26/14

Marquardt advised legislation mandated that a board be put together to complete this and report back by May 1st, 2014. This is an effort to get the state of the 9-1-1 system in Illinois. In an earlier study, only about 40% of agencies (of approximately 305 total) reported back. This new board will be looking to improve the reporting rate and will be asking for detailed expenditure information from PSAPs. The new board will also be looking at PSAP consolidation. Marquardt added that a deadline of March 21st, 2014 had been set for responses.
Getting this information together will be a significant undertaking and there is doubt that this can be done by the deadline. Velkover felt the annual operating costs were readily determined, but the long term capital costs would be more difficult. Kincaid asked what the implications were of missing the deadline. Marquardt indicated that this deadline was voluntary. A good faith effort will be done to get information to the advisory board.

Draft Consultant Scope of Work

Velkover related that several meetings have occurred with the personnel from Communications, Police, Fire and IS to discuss engaging a consulting firm regarding consolidation. Marquardt explained that discussions were made in reference to the scope of work. Several recommended consultants are being included. The next step is to have consultants come in and give a business presentation. After the presentations a decision will be made on what direction to go. Velkover advised we should be proactive on this topic, especially with the
county and state showing interest in this area.

CAD System

PSSI CAD Monitor Application

Mann advised the new version is an all-in-one application instead of separate applications for police and fire. This is supposed to address reloads causing hang-ups and performance issues. This should also address faster, real-time, updates of unit status. Velkover sited attendance at the users group as getting this update early and at no cost. Testing is being done by our dispatchers to work out any issuesand report back to PSSI to get anything addressed. Shift Leader Wendy Mann has been instrumental in getting this completed.

Lake County ETSB CAD Fusion Project (FATPOT)

Velkover indicated that there was nothing new to report on this project.

Lake County Passage Video

Velkover advised our connection to the system was interrupted due to fiber optic cable being damaged due to weather. This was addressed and fixed by LCDOT. Velkover believed that we were previously connected via Washington and Green Bay, and are now connected via Washington and Rt 21.

Mobile Data Computers (MDCs)

Status of Police Department Units (Coban)

Velkover advised we have identified the hard drives (flash memory based) being worn out prematurely. We are working with Coban to get those serviced under warranty. This has been cumbersome, as we have had units down for weeks while the units get repaired. Ryan Nelson and Jon Frederick have been instrumental in working through this issue.

Pilot Project for Fire Department (Datalux)

Velkover indicated that an order has been placed for the second pilot/test unit. Lambert indicated that the first unit is working well, with the exception of an issue with the location of the cellular connection/card/antenna. Velkover and Mann described the Police cards being extended to mount to a vehicle window. Velkover sited this as a reason for conducting the pilot/test phase.

Radio Systems

Heather Ridge & Northwestern Tower Equipment Mounting / Cabinets

Velkover indicated that we are waiting for the weather to improve, and for Public Works to assist with a mounting base, before this work can be undertaken.

Fire Voter System – evaluation of additional receive site – SE area

Velkover noted the City of Waukegan’s request for an intergovernmental agreement for mounting space. We are continuing to work with Waukegan to get an intergovernmental agreement to get this moving. Velkover advised he would like to see an intergovernmental agreement also put in place to covering Waukegan’s equipment in the Northwestern Tower.

Motorola Radio-over-IP (RoIP) Voting System – Budgetary Quote from Chicago Communications

Velkover indicated that money has been budgeted for this in the upcoming fiscal year. This is the backhaul system to address the significant rising costs of leased phone lines.

Conference / Meeting / Event Reports
Nothing to report.

9-1-1 Related Legislation
Illinois Poison Center SB 2674 and HB4230

This is proposed legislation to use 9-1-1 funds to fund the poison control center hotline. Marquardt stated that SB 2674 was passed out of committee. If this passes then we will lose .02 cents per subscriber. APCO and NENA legislative committees are looking at the federal legislation to help address this issue. Marquardt added that a large proponent of 9-1-1 funding for poison control has been area hospitals.

Business Items
Approval of Expenditures / Invoices / Bills

9-1-1 Fund Expenditure Summary 1/17/2014 – 2/27/2014
Velkover noted HVAC expenditures during the period related to complete system outages. Alternate vendors are being explored.

Account Activity Listing 1/17/2014 – 2/27/2014
Velkover noted that revenues are also included in the report.

Detail Budget Report Fiscal Year 2014 to Date
Velkover noted the expenditures for IMRF retirement benefits for part time employees. IMRF was not budgeted, but a budget transfer would be completed after the final amount for the year was determined based on hours worked.

Budget Transfer Request - $16,500 – Maintenance & Capital Accounts
Velkover described budget transfers for HVAC maintenance, and hardware funds for a joint computer storage purchase. The storage purchase includes space CAD and 9-1-1 systems.

Motion to approve the expenditures and budget transfer by Kincaid, 2nd by Marquardt

Roll Call Vote

Aye – Mann, Muetz, Marquardt, Kincaid, Lambert, Hood, Friedl, Velkover
Nay – None

Motion Carried

Consideration of Authorization to Purchase of Storage Area Network (SAN) Equipment & Maintenance Services at a cost not to exceed

Velkover explained that a final amount will be determined once the Request for Proposals (RFP) results are in. As the ETSB will not meet again prior to May 1, this would authorize the purchase with a cost not to exceed. Velkover added that a number of options were considered, including used equipment.

Motion to approve by Friedl, 2nd by Lambert

Roll Call Vote

Aye – Velkover, Friedl, Hood, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt, Muetz, Mann
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Resolution – National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week - April 13-19, 2014

Motion to approve by Mann, 2nd by Kincaid

Aye – All
Nay – None

Motion Carried

Public Comment

Next Proposed Scheduled Meeting:
Regular Meeting – July 8, 2014 - 10:00am

Motion to adjourn at 10:52am by Marquardt, 2nd by Mann

Aye – All
Nay – None

Motion carried, meeting adjourned.

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