Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Emergency Telephone System Board - March 12, 2013



Meeting Called to order by Chairman Velkover at 10:00 am

Present: Velkover, Mann, Muetz, Marquardt, Kincaid, Burkhart, Lambert, Friedl

Absent: Schwarz


Minutes of the 1/22/2013 Regular Meeting

Velkover thanked Mann for his work on the minutes and entertained comments, corrections or questions. No discussion was made.

Motion to approve by Friedl , 2nd by Marquardt

Aye – All
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Correspondence and Communications

Notice from Gurnee Emergency Telephone System Board – Joint Jurisdictional Agreements

Annual ICC Filing

Chairman Velkover thanked Marquardt for his work in completing the agreements and annual filing.

Addressing Misunderstandings About Text-to-9-1-1 – 9-1-1 Magazine – 01/29/2013

Velkover indicated that he felt the article addressed many of the issues regarding text to 9-1-1 without being overly technical.

Cell Alerts Stir Up the Community – Emergency Management - Rick Wimberly & Lorin Bristow – 1/16/2013

Velkover summarized the recently added alerting capability with newer cell phones for items such as weather or amber alerts. Velkover indicated that he forwarded information to Erik Jensen to possibly include in the Keeping Posted mailing to make the public aware that most new cell phones have this capability.

LTE Test Provides Insight into Nationwide Public Safety Network– Emergency Management -Margaret Steen –
1/17/ 2013

Velkover indicated that LTE type networks are being considered for Public Safety entities, and that the included article highlighted a recent trial at a large scale event. Velkover felt LTE is a possible successor to trunked radio systems in use today.

Joint Jurisdictional Letters – City of North Chicago, City of Waukegan

No discussion.


1. Treasurer’s Report – May 1, 2012 – February 28, 2013

Chairman Velkover briefly discussed the report. Revenues were $303,502, expenditures were 248,889, and net gain was
$54,000. Velkover advised that at the completion of the MDC purchase it will put the fund at a negative net gain for the

Velkover thanked Diane Lembesis for preparing the Treasurer’s Report.

Motion to approve by Lambert, 2nd by Marquardt

Aye – All
Nay – None
Motion Carried

2. Communications Statistics

a. Calendar Year 2012
b. December 2012
c. January 2013

Marquardt advised that he had conducted checks and balances on the figures. He added that police calls for service are up about 9,000 calls. Fire calls are up slightly for both Gurnee and Newport. 7-digit calls into the center are down about
a thousand calls. EMD total compliance is down slightly due to working through protocol items. Marquardt
summarized that overall the numbers are up on everything. Velkover had a question on burglar alarm testing and if there
have been a drop in burglar alarm connections to the PD. Marquardt advised there are very few directly connected
burglar alarms, perhaps 6 or 7.

3. Private Switch ALI / VoIP / MSAG Items

a. 900 Kilbourne Road – Velkover indicated that the building is mostly unoccupied. Friedl added that Fire Marshall
Keefe was scheduling a meeting with Dr. Hutton to discuss how the district plans to move forward with the telephone

b. 3740 Grand Avenue – Friedl indicated nothing new to report. Kincaid advised an officer walked through recently and
indicated that nothing has changed at the location.

c. 100 S. Greenleaf St – Velkover indicated that Marquardt had discussed the location at the last meeting. Marquardt
indicated that Warren Township Center continues to work on this issue.

4. CAD System

a. Lake County ETSB CAD Fusion Project (FATPOT) (Friedl & Marquardt)

Velkover indicated that the Lake County ETSB was approaching other jurisdictions regarding CAD interoperability, specifically an offering named FATPOT. Marquardt and Friedl advised they reviewed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Marquardt has a draft agreement about 90% completed. Friedl had questions about several items. The first being on the second page, it talks about Gurnee designating an IS specialist or appropriate CAD administrator to work with FATPOT. Friedl questioned who this would be. At this time it is unknown who will be designated for this. Velkover advised during the demonstration FATPOT believed they could perform all the work without direct involvement from PSSI. The concern is that if PSSI became involved there would then be a significant cost involved. Velkover had received information indicating that PSSI felt FATPOT was a direct competitor in the area of interoperability. The second item from Friedl is the line indicating that both entities shall bear their own cost for the implementation, maintenance and costs incurred beyond the MOU. Marquardt advised Lake County only has a 2 year
contract with FATPOT. He will check into any costs related to the section experienced by other jurisdictions and report back. The last item Friedl questioned was on page 3 that talks about having an internal policy about information security, sharing and dissemination policy that needs to be provided to Lake County ETSB for review and approval. Velkover added that the section may overlap with LEADS and CJIS policies. Marquardt asked if he should contact PSSI.

Velkover indicated that the County representatives felt there was a chance FATPOT would be able to do a read-only look
at the data without PSSI’s involvement. Velkover had concerns regarding any costs with PSSI which would be incurred
as part of the project, and what obligation would be taken on as part of the MOU.

It was decided that this item will be revisited at the next meeting.

5. Mobile Data Computers (MDCs)

a. Results of Police Pilot Project

Mann and Velkover both advised the pilot project has gone well. Velkover stated that 8 of the combined Video and
Mobile Data Computers (VMDCs) have been tested to date. There have been a few software and/or hardware related
issues that have been resolved either by Coban Tech Support or internally with IS. Velkover stated that a number of the
resolved issues were outdoor temperature related, and that Coban had addressed them in a responsive manner. Mann
added that the units have been well received by officers and the integration of devices in the squads has freed up much
needed space. It is recommended to move forward with purchasing of the remainder of the police units.

b. HGAC Joint Purchasing Program

Velkover stated that HGAC is a nationwide joint purchasing program, which Coban is part of, which allows for lower
overall cost of the equipment. Velkover obtained pricing for the Coban units through this program. Velkover added that
a number of items purchased by other departments were listed on the HGAC website. A number of governments and
taxing bodies in Illinois were listed as participants.

c. Datalux Pilot Project for Fire Department

Velkover gave a recap of the evaluation of Coban MDCs for the Fire Department, and that a revised Datalux unit with
similar specifications was now available. A pilot unit will be obtained to evaluate. Without having the test unit in place
already, the purchase of MDCs for the Fire Department will not occur until next fiscal year. Lambert had some questions
about the quoted specifications on the demo unit which he and Velkover discussed, including GPS coverage.

6. Radio Systems

a. Cooperation with Waukegan Police/Fire/Communications
Velkover noted that equipment has been placed at the Northwestern tower and they are in the process of having a phone
line installed to connect to our communications center to Waukegan’s communication center for tie in. Velkover added
that work related to Waukegan at HeatherRidge tower may be requested at a later date.

b. Heather Ridge & Northwestern Tower Equipment Mounting / Cabinets
Velkover indicated that painting work at Heather Ridge is not complete and on hold. He added that any equipment
relocation or changes are also on hold. Northwestern the cabinet for Waukegan has been installed is working.

c. Future interior & exterior painting activities – Pembrook Water Tower
Velkover reminded the board that this is the primary transmit site for Police Main, Fire Main and Police Tactical. This is
estimated to be happening 12 to 18 months from now as it is not being included in the FY 2014 budget. Burkhart asked
about the need for a shelter building at Pembrook. Velkover indicated that the generator installed was designed for an
outdoor location and did not require a shelter building. Velkover added that the generator is in place and operation, and
that a significant improvement in the electrical panel and distribution had been completed as well.

d. Fire Voter System – feasibility of additional receive site – SE area
Lambert advised in the beginning of January a letter was drafted to Chicago Communications about the feasibility of
additional sites and cabinets. Scheduling of further discussion has been difficult based on availability of the involved
parties. Lambert is continuing to follow up with the vendor. Velkover indicated that both the tower farm on O’Plaine
Road south Route 120 and the 8th Street Water Tank in Waukegan were being evaluated. Lambert felt at this point it
initially appears the 8th Street water tower would provide an overall better option for this project for coverage and cost.
Generally the far southeastern portion of the Fire Protection District was the area for improvement. Burkhart added that
the Park City area has traditionally been difficult for radio coverage. Lambert felt the area north of 120 had been helped
with changes to the Police Station antennas.

7. Wireless Surcharge Legislation

a. Illinois House Bill - HB3073
Velkover covered some of the history leading up to the bill. The current bill is slated to increase the amount that ETSB’s receive without increasing the surcharge. Marquardt added that this would move the amount going to ETSB’s from $0.57 to $0.70. Marquardt felt this initially has come into opposition by the ITA (the lobbying committee for the carriers). It was currently unclear if the bill would move forward. Velkover estimated that the proposed bill would generate another $40,000 in revenue to the ETSB based on historical wireless revenues.

Business Items

1. Expenditures / Invoices / Bills

a. 911 Fund Expenditure Summary 01/18/2013 – 03/06/2013
Total expenditures for the period was $13,910.77

b. Account Activity Listing 01/18/2013 – 03/06/2013

c. Detail Budget Report Fiscal Year 2013 to Date - prepared 03/07/2013

d. Budget Transfer Request $4,000.00 for Equipment Maintenance line item.

Velkover indicate the transfer moved money from building maintenance to equipment maintenance. This was due to doing 2 years of Xybix maintenance, not all of which budgeted for. Between the two line items the budget balances.

There was no further discussion made.

Motion by Mann, 2nd by Muetz

Roll Call Vote
Aye – Velkover, Friedl, Lambert, Burkhart, Kincaid, Marquardt, Muetz, Mann
Nay – None
Motion Carried

2. Consideration of Request to Amend Budget Proposal - Remove $80,000 from Year End Estimate for FY 12/13
and add $80,000 to Budget Request for FY 13/14 related to the future purchase of Fire Mobile Data Computers

No discussion was made.

Motion to approve by Lambert, 2nd by Kincaid

Roll Call Vote
Aye – Mann, Muetz, Marquardt, Kincaid, Burkhart, Lambert, Friedl, Velkover
Nay – None
Motion Carried

3. Consideration of Purchase of Police Mobile Data Computers from Coban Technologies at a cost of $169,125.00.

Velkover indicated that the amount includes both the 911 ETSB portion and Police Department cost portion. Velkover
drafted a memo, including the cost breakdown, to have this considered at the next Village Board meeting for approval.
He also indicated a desire to the complete the purchase in the current fiscal year.
No further discussion made.

Motion to Approve by Friedl, 2nd by Burkhart

Roll Call Vote
Aye – Velkover, Friedl, Lambert, Burkhart, Kincaid, Marquardt, Muetz, Mann
Nay – None
Motion Carried

4. Consideration of Purchase of Busy User Display System from Mercury Systems at a cost of $4,350.00

Velkover advised he asked for a quote not to include installation cost. Velkover felt the installation was fairly straight
forward and would save around $1,000.00. Velkover stated that Mercury Systems now had a newer version which
indicated received radio traffic. Marquardt indicated that he did not feel that capability was worth any extra cost.
Marquardt asked if there was some type of trade in value for the current lights. Velkover advised there was nothing on
the quote to indicate a trade in or trade in value.

Motion to Approve by Friedl, 2nd by Kincaid

Roll Call Vote
Aye – Mann, Muetz, Marquardt, Kincaid, Burkhart, Lambert, Friedl, Velkover
Nay – None
Motion Carried

5. Resolution – National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week - April 14-20, 2013
No discussion or corrections made.

Motion by Mann, 2nd by Marquardt

Aye – All
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Public Comment

Marquardt noted that April is 911 Education month.

Burkhart noted a recent 9-1-1 call where a woman had fallen into a manhole along Grand Avenue and the accuracy of the cellular location information received.

Velkover reminded the members that the next currently scheduled meeting would be July 16, 2013 at 10:00am.

Motion to adjourn at 10:46 by Kincaid , 2nd by Marquardt

Aye – All
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned

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