Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Emergency Telephone System Board - July 17, 2012


Meeting called to order at 10:03 am by Chairman Velkover

Present: Velkover, Mann, Friedl, Schwarz, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt

Absent: Muetz, Burkhart


Minutes of the 03/13/2012 Regular Meeting

Velkover thanked Mann for his work on the minutes. Velkover asked for corrections, questions, or comments.

Motion to approve as presented by Mann, 2nd by Friedl

All ayes, motion carried

Correspondence and Communications

Notice from Lake County ETSB regarding CAD fusion/interoperability project

Velkover introduced correspondence regarding a phased Lake County CAD interoperability project that included basic data sharing among agencies. Velkover added that he had spoken with Kent McKenzie on the topic previously.

Marquardt added that he had forwarded our interest in the project at an earlier Lake County meeting.

Notice from Libertyville ETSB regarding contracting of dispatching of public safety resources

Velkover highlighted details on a notice from Libertyville on contracting with Vernon Hills to provide dispatch services. This will separate Libertyville’s police and fire dispatching. It was believed that some, but not all, of the former Libertyville dispatchers will be testing for employment with Vernon Hills.

Status of State of Illinois EMNET (Emergency Management Communications Network) funding (Comlabs)

Velkover discussed notice from Comlabs regarding the status of payments from the State of Illinois. Marquardt spoke with a Comlabs representative who stated they would work with agencies still interested in keeping EMNET. Velkover suggested considering keeping at least one of the EMNET stations if the State discontinues funding. Velkover and Marquardt added that the system was providing useful information from a variety of sources on weather and other public safety related events.

Article - Governor Quinn wants to cut ISP communications centers – TheTelegraph – March 22, 2012

Velkover noted an article on the Governors plans to consolidate State Police communications centers. Marquardt noted that consolidation with other agencies might provide more benefit than a simple reduction in headcount, and that officer safety may be adversely impacted.

Emergency dispatchers suffer from symptoms of PTSD, study reveals – Journal of Traumatic Stress

Marquardt felt the article was of interest to the members of the board, and noted the concept of treating communications operators in a manner similar to on-scene personnel regarding PTSD.

Verizon Selects TeleCommunication Systems to Provide Text to 911 National Gateway Solution- Bloomberg

Velkover stated that he was encouraged to see movement for text to 911 on a national scale.


Velkover noted that two Treasurer’s Reports were available for consideration.

Treasurer’s Report – May 1,2011 – April 30, 2012

Velkover briefly presented the report for fiscal year 2011-2012. Revenues totaled $331,516 and expenditures totaled $242,127 with a net gain of $89,389.

Treasurer’s Report – May 1,2012 – June 30, 2012

Velkover briefly presented the report for the fiscal year to date. Revenues totaled $46,315 and expenditures totaled $29,108 with a net gain of $17,207. Of note on this report was the increase on salary and wage items due to part-time employment and internship work on mobile data computers. Velkover entertained further discussion.

Motion by Lambert to approve both reports as presented, 2nd by Schwarz

All ayes, Motion Carried

Communications Statistics

Velkover noted that four months of statistics were available: February, March, April, and May of 2012. Per Marquardt there was an increase in LEADS activity. Also it appeared the fire calls for service are steady but the police calls for service are increasing. Velkover asked if the increase in police calls corresponded to the level from two years ago. Lambert noted it appeared 911 calls in general seem to be decreasing. Marquardt noted that wireline in particular was down, along with multiple calls for a single car accident. Discussion continued about the use of cell phones, number of 9-1-1 trunks, VoIP, and calls in general.

Private Switch ALI / VoIP / MSAG Items

Velkover entertained discussion regarding the following locations, noting their recurring nature. Friedl and Velkover updated the ETSB regarding Fire Bureau interactions with the following:

  • 900 Kilbourne Road – Gurnee Grade School,
    Waiting for District 56 to bring the new school online
  • 3455 Washington Street – Auto Parts City
    Still working on their system and change phone providers
  • 1125 Tri-State Parkway – One Hope United
    One Hope United has stopped communicating with the fire bureau about the issue. The issue is with the Lake Villa location coming up with a Gurnee address when 911 is dialed. The responsible agency or ETSB for Lake Villa was questioned by members of the board.
  • 3740 Grand Avenue – Econolodge
    Per the Fire Bureau the phone software is not repaired yet and the printer is usually off when they conduct inspections. Discussions between the building ownership and the Community Development department are ongoing. Kincaid indicated that she will be attending said meetings and will bring calls for service historical information.

Radio Systems

Velkover asked Lambert for an update on Fire Voter Radio Project.

Per Lambert the new comparator was purchased and put in service on May 1st. A notable improvement in service has been noted by fire personnel. The radio system concerns that were there with the old system have basically ceased with the new. Also coverage is improved with the addition of a site on the Antioch water tower. The new unit also provides a great amount of reporting on the radio system and the levels have come up to where they were expected to be. There was an issue with unit identifiers that Lambert is following up on. There is also some sporadic bleed over that Lambert is following up on. The most recent issue was with the Heather Ridge tower picking up traffic from a site in Saint John, Indiana. Chicomm subsequently upgraded the firmware in the radio to improve the PL operation. Marquardt asked and Lambert confirmed that the addition of the Antioch site has improved coverage for Newport Fire. Velkover and Lambert wished to again express their appreciation for Chief Maplethorpe’s generous assistance with the project.

Mobile Data Computers (MDCs)

Velkover began a discussion regarding the MDC Pilot Project. He stated that four (4) Coban M700 mobile computers have been in place in police vehicles and tested. Multiple issues and training have been addressed and most have been resolved. He added that nearly all of the components are new and/or different from the previous Datalux setup.

Velkover reviewed some of the added functionality with the new configuration. A bad power connector on the unit in squad 144 was found and repaired. Per Mann there has been a consistent issue with the Verizon Wireless 4G connection dropping and not re-connecting unless the computer is rebooted. A different cellular card/modem will be tested.

External antennas have also been installed due to the Verizon card being positioned in the vehicle trunk. This has shown noticeable increase in signal strength. There were ongoing questions on 4G handoffs, and if 3G would be the better choice for the short term. Occasional overheating issues were suspected, and software/firmware updates to the Coban units themselves was applied. Any issues regarding the temperature in the trunks of the Impalas would not be duplicated with the location of the units in the newer Tahoe vehicles. Velkover thanked Mann and Officer Bauman for all their work on the MDCs.

Mass Notification – Blackboard Connect
Velkover entertained discussion of the recently deployed Blackboard Connect 5. Training had been conducted on the new version and it has been in place for approximately 1 month. Positive feedback has been received overall on the new version. Sending a message involves fewer screens, with more information presented on each screen. Marquardt added
that there was little difference for Communications.

Business Items

Expenditures / Invoices / Bills

Velkover reviewed the 911 Fund Expenditure Summary covering 03/09/2012 – 07/10/2012 in the amount of $83,838.92. An Account Activity Listing for 03/09/2012 – 07/10/2012 was also provided. The Detail Budget Reports for Fiscal Year 2012 and Fiscal Year 2013 to Date were included for discussion.

Velkover briefly discussed the items and pointed out in the budget report that there were no line items that were overbudget for last year and none for the current year. Invoices include equipment from Chi-Comm for the aforementioned radio voter, from Coban for the 4 units in place already and finally for the mapping work done for the county-wide aerial photo integration into CAD.

Motion to approve by Friedl, 2nd by Schwarz

Roll call vote:
Aye- Velkover, Friedl, Schwarz, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt, Mann
Nay- None
Motion Carried

Consideration of Purchase of Mobile Data Computers, $52,600 ($31,225 911-Fund Portion), Coban Technologies

Velkover stated that these are the same model units as the 4 that are currently in place for testing. This cost is split between the ETSB and the police department. The cameras and video related items will be purchased from the Police Department budget, and the remainder from the 9-1-1 fund. These units will be installed in the 4 new police Tahoe vehicles and one will be used as a test unit by IS during the implementation phase. Due to timing this was already sent to the Village Board for approval, and the materials presented to the Village Board were included in the ETSB packet. Coban estimated delivery in mid-August assuming the order was placed within the next week. The advantages of the combined video / computer screen / keyboard was also discussed. Velkover added that the project continues to remain within the budgeted amount.

Motion to approve by Mann, 2nd by Lambert
Roll call vote
Aye – Mann, Marquardt, Kincaid, Lambert, Schwarz, Friedl, Velkover
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Consideration of Contract for UPS Maintenance Services for 1 Year - $5,760 or 3 Years - $14,688, Eaton Powerware

Velkover advised the option of a 3 year agreement offers a discounted amount. Last fiscal year only the 1 year amount was budgeted, but that this year’s budget includes sufficient dollars for either option. Eaton power has done all the work in the past. There are other vendors who will do the maintenance but they are not the manufacturers of the equipment.
Due to the importance of the proper operation of the equipment Velkover recommends staying with Eaton for the maintenance.

Motion to approve by Friedl, 2nd by Marquardt
Roll call vote
Aye – Velkover, Friedl, Schwarz, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt, Mann
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Consideration of Purchase of UPS Batteries & Installation, at a cost not to exceed $9,993

Eaton has provided a quote for the batteries. Critical power systems out of Crystal Lake, Il is also putting together a quote for batteries. Marquardt did show some concern over the Monday through Friday schedule that was proposed. Velkover suggested there is no way to predict if or when the power may go out so the schedule should not be an issue. Mann added that more staff would likely be available to deal with any issues during Monday through Friday.

Motion to approve at cost not to exceed $9,993.00 by Schwarz, 2nd by Kincaid
Roll call vote
Aye – Mann, Marquardt, Kincaid, Lambert, Schwarz, Friedl, Velkover
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Consideration of Purchase of Cisco Wireless Networking Equipment $12,638 ($8,416.91 911-Fund Portion), Sentinel Technologies

The wireless access points at the PD are currently the oldest units in any of the Village’s buildings. This update would allow better throughput of data. This will impact the mobile unit traffic for video upload when the police vehicles pull into the station and connect to the wireless. This is proposed to be a shared cost between the ETSB and the Police Department and within the budgeted amount. Velkover entertained any further discussion and there was none.

Motion to approve by Mann, 2nd Friedl
Roll call vote
Aye – Velkover, Friedl, Schwarz, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt, Mann
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Consideration of request by Communications Supervisor Al Marquardt for funding for five (5) attendees to the Annual APCO/NENA 9-1-1 Conference, October 21-24, Springfield, Illinois, at an estimated cost of $4,010.00. Marquardt and Lambert expressed interest in attending so that would leave 3 available slots.

Motion to approve by Schwarz to approve as many as 5 attendees at a cost not to exceed $4010.00, 2nd by Friedl
Roll call vote
Ayes – Mann, Kincaid, Schwarz, Friedl, Velkover
Abstain – Marquardt, Lambert
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Consideration of request by Communications Supervisor Al Marquardt for funding for two (2) attendees to the PSSI User Group Conference, October 2-4, Annapolis, Maryland, at an estimated cost of $1,780.

Discussion was made regarding 3 attendees with 2 funded by the ETSB and 1 by the Police Department budget.

Discussion was also made about the investment in PSSI software and the value of attending the conference. Velkover asked for recommendations as to who would be going. Marquardt and Kincaid recommended Michael Mann, Wendy Mann and Al Marquardt would be going. Marquardt was unsure on his availability to go and stated a records person would go in his place.

Motion to approve at a cost not to exceed $1,800.00 by Schwarz, 2nd by Friedl
Roll call vote
Aye – Velkover, Friedl, Schwarz, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt
Abstain – Mann
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Public Comment

No public comment made

Velkover reminded the board that the next scheduled meeting will be November 13, 2012 at 10:00am

Motion to adjourn at 11:15 am by Schwarz, 2nd by Lambert
All ayes, Motion carried

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