Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Emergency Telephone System Board - November 13, 2012


Friedl: Call to order at 10:05 am

Present: Mann, Friedl, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt, Burkhart, Muetz

Absent: Velkover, Schwarz


Minutes of the 07/17/2012 Regular Meeting

No comments or corrections to be noted.

Motion to approve as presented by Lambert, 2nd by Muetz

Aye- All
Nay- None
Motion Carried

2013 Meeting Schedule

Motion to approve as scheduled by Kincaid, 2nd by Marquardt

Aye – All
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Correspondence and Communications

Notice from Illinois Commerce Commission regarding Wireless 911 Grants - 9/10/2012

Annuvia Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program Notification – 09/04/2012

Company posts notification about their clients so emergency personnel have access to AED location information.
Marquardt advised this goes along with the premise alert program in place for CAD notes for residents.

Cars Talking to 911 is Nearing Reality – Emergency Management – Sarah Rich – 7/19/ 2012

FCC Enforcement Advisory Outlining Penalties for Failure to Narrowband – 8/22/ 2012

Outline of enforcement for agencies not meeting narrowbanding requirements. Lambert advised we are complete
with upgrading the equipment for compliance.

Derecho-related outages put 911 system under scrutiny – Urgent Comm. – Donny Jackson – 10/5/2012

Next Generation 9-1-1: Why Upgrade Now – TeleCommunication Systems Inc. – 2012

FEMA IPAWS Architecture Diagram – Feb 2012


Treasurer’s Report – May 1,2012 – September 30, 2012

Friedl briefly discussed the report. No further discussion was made.

Motion to approve by Marquardt, 2nd by Lambert

Aye - All
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Communications Statistics

a. June 2012
b. August 2012
c. July 2012
d. September 2012

Marquardt advised that police calls for service continue to increase but this appears to be due to police administration desire to have better reporting of officer’s time. Gurnee and Newport are on pace to be in line with numbers from the past year. Marquardt advised EMD scores dipped slightly due to upgrading to version 12.2 in September. This was a training period for the new version. No further discussion or comments were made.

Private Switch ALI / VoIP / MSAG Items

a. 900 Kilbourne Road – Gurnee Grade School
This is scheduled to be upgraded with the installation of the new phone system with the new school
construction project. Updates have not been completed as of yet.

b. 3455 Washington Street – Auto Parts City
The issues have not been resolved as of this date. The company continues to work with their phone

c. 1125 Tri-State Parkway
This issues has been resolved and will be taken off of the list

d. 3740 Grand Avenue - Econolodge
The owner of the property has hired a contractor to address the phone system issue. They are currently
waiting on parts for the system in order for it to be implemented. Marquardt inquired if there was a “drop
dead” date for them to be in compliance. Building and zoning are still working with the owner and the
vendor to get this resolved. No date has been set.

CAD System

a. Lake County ETSB CAD Fusion Project (FATPOT)

This is a project to provide interoperability throughout the county. Marquardt advised there are 2 phases of this project. The first being a data sharing portion for each agency utilizing this. At this time there are 3 beta testing agencies. The second portion of this is AVL capabilities among each agency. Marquardt has asked for an on-site demonstration of the system. Tentatively this has been set for December 5th, 2012.

Radio Systems

a. Meeting with Waukegan Police/Fire/Communications

Per Lambert Waukegan is looking to improve their radio infrastructure. This includes updating equipment at the Northwestern tower which will also facilitate tie in to our communications center so they would be able to transmit/receive from a backup/secondary location. Lambert has been working with them on this project. This includes updating equipment, lines, antennas etc. It also includes some interoperability for toning out each others fire units for mutual aid calls. Marquardt advised they are also
looking at having our frequency built into their updated workstations so we would have a backup/secondary site to transmit/receive from.

b. Heather Ridge Tower Maintenance / Antenna Relocation

Friedl advised the board may be looking at a future expense of approximately $2,000.00 to move some of the antennas. Lambert advised he thought those have been moved already but has not heard follow up
on this. Muetz advised the company should still be doing work on the tower.

Mobile Data Computers (MDCs)

a. Update on MDC Project

Mann advised we had 4 new Coban units up and running for testing. The only real issue was Verizon
staying connected. This appears to be corrected with some software updates and setting changes. 5 more
units have been ordered. 4 of those units will be installed in the new Tahoe vehicles and 1 will remain a
“bench” unit for further testing. Lambert advised they are now contemplating utilizing new Datalux units
to replace the current units, as Datalux has updated their hardware specs.

b. Update on Wireless Network Equipment Project
Friedl stated Velkover advised installation continues. Another RFP will go out February of 2013.

Meetings and Conferences

a. Illinois APCO/NENA 9-1-1 Conference

Lambert advised the conference was a success. There were more vendors than the previous year, including some new vendors. The location of the conference seems to allow the conference to be a great success as everything is on-site and allows for networking with other agencies.

Marquardt advised the classes range in topics and provide adequate training for all that attend. He also advised both shift leaders, Richardson and Mann, attended this year. It was Richardsons year to attend but Mann was teaching a class during the conference. Mann was integral in getting a new 911 Public Education program up and running, which included designing a new mascot for the program.

Kincaid congratulated Marquardt on receiving an APCO Presidential award during the conference for his
work on the narrowbanding.

b. PSSI User Group Training / Conference

Mann advised the conference was again a success. The conference was held in Maryland so PSSI had a majority of their staff present. The face-to-face networking with other agencies was invaluable. PSSI is scheduled to roll out a new version of ICIS in January called ICIS MTX. There are currently 2 agencies in beta-testing of this new version. Mann advised there will be a cost associated with upgrading to this new version and the old version is going to have support cut off after January of 2015. The upgrade cost for our agency would be $37,500.00. PSSI will also begin moving CAD into the same direction as the new ICIS. PSSI has also replaced their Customer Service Liason which has resulted in better communication and addressing of bug requests. Many good ideas were given by all agencies that attended. This resulted in a lot of the requests likely being implemented into the systems. Marquardt questioned whether the new version of CAD will also have costs associated with it. Mann advised he felt there would definitely be cost involved in upgrading to the new CAD when that rolls out as well. Marquardt also asked what Mann felt about PSSI enforcing the support cut-off date. Mann advised he believed that they will not force you to move to the new version but will no longer address bug issues in the old version after the cut-off date. Marquardt questioned whether we are going to have to pay an upgrade fee every few years when they come up with another new version after MTX. He also asked if they addressed whether the maintenance fees will go up with MTX. Mann advised PSSI did not address either of those issues.

Friedl stated Velkover advised everything came in under the budgeted amount for this conference.

Public Safety Telecommunicator Standards Certification Initiative

APCO/NENA wants to develop a standardized training initiative and then get this before the Illinois Training and Standards Board to certify telecommunicators. Marquardt advised this will most likely be an unfunded mandate/initiative. This could impact ongoing quality assurance checks and balances. Mann asked if this was
similar to the law enforcement certification standards. Marquardt was unsure on this.

Business Items

Expenditures / Invoices / Bills

a. 911 Fund Expenditure Summary 07/11/2012 – 11/06/2012, $158,786.15 in expenditures
b. Account Activity Listing 07/11/2012 – 11/06/2012
c. Detail Budget Report Fiscal Year 2013 to Date - prepared 11/07/2012
d. Budget Transfer Request for Overtime Expenses - $500 – prepared 7/18/2012

There were some bills that were attached and Friedl questioned as to whether these have been paid already or if they needed to be approved. It was determined these were paid and informational at this point. No further discussion was made.

Motion to approve the expenditures as presented by Muetz, 2nd by Kincaid

Roll call vote:
Aye- Mann, Friedl, Lambert, Kincaid, Marquardt, Burkhart, Muetz
Nay- None
Motion Carried

Selection of FY 2013-2014 Budget Committee

Motion to retain Velkover, Kincaid and Burkhart as the budget committee members.

Aye – All
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Public Comment

No public comment was made.

Next Currently Scheduled Meeting:
Regular Meeting – January 22, 2013 - 10:00am

Motion to adjourn meeting at 10:55 am by Marquardt, 2nd by Burkhart

Aye – All
Nay – None
Meeting Adjourned


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