Village of Gurnee--East Grand Design Guideline Overlay

Table of Contents


Nature of Structures and Facades

Remove obsolete elements, Repair Damage and Improve Facades

Buildings: Height and Form

Building Materials

Windows and Doors

Franchise Architecture






Display Vehicle Area

Landscaping and Hardscaping

Parking Lots


Table of Figures

Figure 1: Preferred location of a new building, parking, existing conditions

Figure 2: Offsetting multiple stories decreases the bulkiness of a structure

Figure 3: Profile of offsetting

Figure 4: Avoiding flat rooflines adds interest to the shopping center

Figure 5: Eaves and Cornices add character to a building

Figure 6: Bulding Setbacks/Height Relationships

Figure 7: Facade includes varying materials, colors, and shapes

Figure 8: Diverse colors and materials emphasize the entrance to the building

Figure 9: Earthy colors and blue transform this bulky building

Figure 10: A simple door with pedestrial scale decore

Figure 11: Main entrances are emphasized by pronounced design features

Figure 12: Decorative awnings improve the look of an old building

Figure 13: Store permanent awnings above the windows

Figure 14: Franchise architecture

Figure 15: This fast food restaurant is sensitive to the architecture of the design

Figure 16: Decorative streetlight

Figure 17: Decorative building light fixtures

Figure 18: Tree lighting examples

Figure 19: Path lighting

Figure 20: Decorative path lighting also serves as a safety feature

Figure 21: Single sign above the main entrance of the building

Figure 22: Multiple signs can create confusion for possible visitors

Figure 23: Examples of excepted limitations of extension

Figure 24: Using the design and materials fro mthe building in the entryway

Figure 25: Examples of sign lettering directly on facade vs. sign lettering on channel

Figure 26: Monument sign and landscape

Figure 27: Monument sign and landscape

Figure 28: Display vehicle area

Figure 29: Display pad calculations

Figure 30: A highlighted principal entry, landscaping and customer amenities

Figure 31: Landscaping is recommended to soften corners of building

Figure 32: An aesthetically pleasing entrance

Figure 33: Different parking conditions and landscaping

Figure 34: Landscaping and hardscaping screen this parking lot.

Figure 35: Vegetation screening

Figure 36: Trees along a sidewalk

Figure 37: Islands featuring trees and landscaping in a parking lot

Figure 38: Pedestrians' amenities can be incorporated into parking lot islands

Figure 39: Public art

Figure 40: Public art

Figure 41: Bike rack and matching trash receptacle

Figure 42: Architecturally unique bike rack



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