News about the Finance Department

How can I find a list Village fees for licenses, permits, fines, and services?

Reference the Village of Gurnee Comprehensive Fee Schedule. Updated annually the schedule includes:

  • Business License Fees
  • Utility Fees Engineering Fees
  • Building & Development Fees
  • Planning & Zoning Fees
  • Administrative Fees
  • Police Department Fees
  • Fire Department Fees
  • Taxes
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Village of Gurnee Fee Schedule

The Village of Gurnee Comprehensive Fee Schedule is updated annually and includes descriptions, amounts, and a reference to the authorizing ordinance or administrative body. The schedule includes fees for:   

  • Business Licenses 
  • Utility & Engineering
  • Building Safety
  • Planning & Zoning 
  • Administrative
  • Police
  • Fire 
  • Local Taxes
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What are the current rates for water and sewage?

Please visit for the current Water & Sewer Rate information.


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About the Finance Division

The accounting and financial reporting functions of the Village are centralized in the Administration Department under the supervision of the Finance Director. Finance division activities include: accounting, accounts payables, accounts receivables, auditing, budget, business licensing, debt management, financial reporting, payroll, purchasing, revenue collection, risk management, and treasury operations.

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Applying/Paying for Business Licenses Online FAQs

Q. Can I apply for a new business license online?
No, only renewals are accepted online. New businesses cannot use the online E-Pay system as new applicants must apply for Certificate of Occupancy Permits in person. For more information on applying for NEW business license applications, please visit

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Business Taxes

Business owners within Illinois need to register their businesses with the State of Illinois using form REG-1 . This form also covers sales tax registration.

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What should I do if my water bill seems too high?

There are a number of things to investigate.

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Why did I get a high water bill after having my water meter replaced?

This could be due to a mechanical failure of the remote register, located outside the house, causing it to stop registering usage. The remote reading would then be less than the reading on the water meter, located inside the house. The water meter was still operating properly.

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