News about the Finance Department

How can I find a list Village fees for licenses, permits, fines, and services?

Reference the Village of Gurnee Comprehensive Fee Schedule. Updated annually the schedule includes:

  • Business License Fees
  • Utility Fees Engineering Fees
  • Building & Development Fees
  • Planning & Zoning Fees
  • Administrative Fees
  • Police Department Fees
  • Fire Department Fees
  • Taxes
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Village of Gurnee Fee Schedule

The Village of Gurnee Comprehensive Fee Schedule is updated annually and includes descriptions, amounts, and a reference to the authorizing ordinance or administrative body. The schedule includes fees for:   

  • Business Licenses 
  • Utility & Engineering
  • Building Safety
  • Planning & Zoning 
  • Administrative
  • Police
  • Fire 
  • Local Taxes
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Village Water Rate to Adjust Tuesday, May 1st

The Village's water rate per 1,000 gallons will adjust on Tuesday, May 1st to match an equivalent increase in the cost of purchasing water from the Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency (CLCJAWA), the Village's water supplier.  The rate will rise approximately $0.13 per 1,000 gallons from $3.74 to $3.87.  For the average home, which uses about 6,000 gallons of water per month, this will translate to an increase of $1.56 per bill.  No other portion of your bill will also change at this time.

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About Business Licenses

Annual Business licenses are required for the following:

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What are the current rates for water and sewage?

Please visit for the current Water & Sewer Rate information.


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