News about the Finance Department

Why are my inside water meter and outside remote readings different?

This may be due to mechanical failure of the remote register, located outside the house, causing it to stop registering usage. The actual water meter, which is located inside the house, should still be operating properly.

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Why am I billed for Lake County Public Works?

Homes located west of the tollway (I-94) pay an additional charge for water used. This charge is now itemized separately on your bill. Although this charge is billed by the Village, it is in turn paid to Lake County Public Works (LCPW). It covers the cost of processing sewage and paying bonds issued for the construction of sewer trunk lines leading to the NSSD Treatment Facility. Current rates are on the Water/Sewer Rates page.

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How often am I billed for water and sewer?

Bills are currently issued on a bimonthly basis (every two months) for the prior two month's usage.  Meter readings are taken around the 5th of the month prior to billing.  For example, bills issued on August 21 would be for usage between June 6th and August 5th. For more information on water billing, please visit the Billing Procedures page.

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