Family Protection Program: An Introduction to Emergency Management

The Village of Gurnee has established an Emergency Management Agency to coordinate preparedness, relief, response, and recovery activities for all emergency or disaster situations within the Village. The program has an Emergency Management Agency Coordinator, appointed by the Village Administrator with the approval of the Mayor and Village Board, who meets the program standards and requirements as established by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act.


These pages were developed to prepare residents for a disaster or emergency within the Village of Gurnee and the Warren/Waukegan Fire Protection District, providing the information families need to prepare for and be self-reliant during a disaster or emergency by creating a personalized Family Emergency Action Plan.


In order to cope with an emergency, the Village of Gurnee has:

  • A basic emergency operations plan that describes the overall concepts of operation that will be put into effect during a disaster or emergency situation.
  • An Emergency Management Agency Coordinator who coordinates all emergency and disaster relief, preparedness, response, and recovery activities within the Village of Gurnee.
  • An Emergency Operations Center furnished with the technical equipment (telephones, weather monitoring equipment, radio communications center) necessary to provide for the coordination and utilization of all resources in the Village in an emergency or disaster situation.
  • An Emergency Operations Center Staff selected from private, public, volunteer, and governmental areas with special knowledge of functions performed during an emergency or disaster situation.*


* The Village of Gurnee does not accept responsibility for disasters, the outcome due to disaster, or the outcome due to disaster planning.