Family Protection Program: Family Disaster Preparedness Questions

1. Do you believe that the community you live in is relatively prepared for emergencies?

2. Do you think that your family is relatively well prepared to handle most emergencies?

3. Have you discussed emergency planning as a family or group living together?

4. Do you have a Family Emergency Supplies Kit, which should include:

  • a three-day supply of water for each person
  • one change of clothing per person
  • one blanket or sleeping bag per person
  • a first aid kit that includes prescription medications for up to three days
  • a battery-powered radio and flashlight, with extra batteries
  • an extra set of car keys, credit card, and small amount of cash
  • sanitation supplies


5. Do you have operational smoke detectors on every level?

6. Do you have a charged ABC fire extinguisher, and does everyone who is old enough know how to use it?

7. Do you know how to turn off utilities?

8. Do you have a location outside of your home where all members can meet if caused to evacuate your home?

9. Are your most important papers and records safeguarded?

10. Has your family had a fire and tornado drill in the past six months?

11. Do you have an out-of-state phone partner to call when local lines go down?

12. Do you know what emergency plans are for where you work, where your children go to school, and daycare centers?


Millions of Americans Have Experienced Major Emergencies.

Are You Prepared?