Why Do Home Fires Happen?


Carelessness causes fires. People just don't pay attention to the little details of safety . Some are negligent and reckless with things that they know are dangerous.

Ignorance Causes Fires. Some people simply don't know how to use fire safely. They have not been taught about fire hazards and what they can do to prevent a fire. Most importantly, they don't know what to do in an emergency which involved a fire. Ignorance concerning fire safety is one problem the fire service can overcome through public education.

Apathy Causes Fire. Apathy is nothing but an attitude of indifference. "I know, but I don't care." This is a very difficult problem to deal with. In order to change an attitude, the person must be made aware that fire can maim or kill them or the ones they care about. Each person must understand their responsibility to others as well as to themselves. It is not enough to know about the danger of fire--one must also care.

Arson Causes Fire. Arson, or fires with are intentionally set, is an ever growing problem nationwide. Although this type of fire problem is handled by the Fire Prevention Bureau or state or local law enforcement agencies, the firefighter should be aware of his role in it. Programs are presented in many areas in an effort to combat this problem. You can certainly include information such a local statistics in fire education programs.

Facts Without Acts Are Failures. It must be remembered that we can only save that which is not already lost.