Fire Prevention

News about the Fire Prevention Bureau

Fire Sprinklers

Using quick response sprinklers and approved piping, homes can be built or even remodeled to include low-cost automatic sprinkler systems connected to the domestic water supply.

Sprinkler systems offer advantages to the homebuilder:

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Home Fire Escape Plan

An escape plan is a strategy for a safe exit from your home during a fire. Hopefully, you'll never have a fire in your home. But if a fire does occur, your safety will depend on calm, rational action. An escape plan can be your key to a safe way out. Once you think you've got this information mastered, test your knowledge by taking our Home Fire Escape Test!




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Heater Safety

Research suggests more than one-third of home fires in the United States occur during the winter months of December, January, and February. One of the reasons those months pose a magnified fire threat is due to increased use of heating sources, such as chimneys and wood stoves. It is important to follow these heating safety tips:

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Preventing Juvenile Fire Setting

Every child has the potential for exhibiting fire setting behavior. The Gurnee Fire Department's program "Is Your Child Capable of This" will show you the signs to watch for in children who set fires. From curiosity to arson, this behavior is dangerous and needs education as well as intervention.

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Pull to the Right for Sirens and Flashing Lights

Illinois law requires motorists to pull to the right--off the road if possible--and stop until emergency vehicles have passed. This applies to those approaching from behind and those coming toward you.

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Recreational Fire Guidelines

Recreational fires are the only non-permitted outdoor fires allowed by code within the Village of Gurnee <

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Knox Box Program

The Gurnee Fire Department has developed a knox box program to aid handicapped residents of Gurnee and Warren Township. Knox boxes are key boxes used for rapid entry. A key to the resident's home is placed in the knox box and secured.

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Fire Prevention & Survival Guide

The Gurnee Fire Department offers a variety of public service announcements to provide you with information that could help you prevent or even survive a fire. Please read the following and share with your family.

Home Safety

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