News about the Fire Department

Smoke from NE Minnesota Spreading into Gurnee Area - Sept. 14th Update

Yesterday, several reports have been made to the Village regarding a smoke smell and haze in the area.  The National Weather Service attributed this to a wildfire in the Boundary Waters Canoe area in Minnesota.  Conditions appear to be have improved going into today.  Should the outlook change again, the Village will notify residents through the Village website, Twitter and the Announcements E-mail Listserv.  To sign up for e-mail updates, please visit the following link:

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Fire Department Monthly Report - August 2011

Check out the Fire Department's activities during August! The monthly report is available in PDF below.

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Fire Department Monthly Report - July 2011

Read about the Fire Department's monthly activities for the month of July.

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Weather & Disaster Preparedness

The Village of Gurnee has established an Emergency Management Agency to coordinate preparedness, relief, response, and recovery activities for all emergency or disaster situations within the Village. The program has an Emergency Management Agency Coordinator, appointed by the Village Administrator with the approval of the Mayor and Village Board, who meets the program standards and requirements as established by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act.

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Family Protection Program: Car Disaster Kit


Keep your car equipped with supplies useful in any emergency. Always have a full tank of fuel in the car. If there is an emergency, gas stations may be closed.

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Family Protection Program: Disaster Driving Tips


After almost every disaster, search and rescue teams find victims who might have survived if they had known whether to stay with or leave their car. Drivers in various types of emergencies should remember the following tips. The most important advice to remember is not to panic.




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Family Protection Program: Winter Storm Tips


A Severe Storm is defined as one that produces six inches or more of snow in 48 hours or less, or damaging ice over 5,000 square miles.

A Winter Storm Watch means hazardous winter weather conditions may affect your area.

A Winter StormWarning means hazardous winter weather conditions are threatening your area. 

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Family Protection Program: Flood Safety Tips and Recovery


Flash floods move at incredible speeds. They can roll boulders, tear down trees, and destroy buildings and bridges. When a flash flood warning is issued for your area or the moment you first realize a flash flood is imminent, act quickly to get out of the area subject of flooding.

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