Coffee with the Mayor: Saturday, November 18, 2017 at Starbucks (7105 Grand Avenue)

In 2007, Mayor Kovarik wanted a way to meet with residents informally, outside of the Board meetings and other official events. She created the idea of hosting "Coffee with the Mayor" events at coffee shops and restaurants around Gurnee. These events gave residents and the mayor the opportunity to have one-on-one communications in relaxed and comfortable settings. 

In 2015, Mayor Kovarik changed it up by holding these events at all types of businesses, not just coffee shops or eateries. This exciting change gives the mayor a chance to meet with residents while also giving a wide variety of businesses the opportunity to showcase their venues.

If you would like to talk about issues, ask questions, discuss concerns, offer comments or suggestions, or just have a chance to meet the mayor, please take the time to come out to one of these events. Mayor Kovarik is looking forward to meeting with you!

Events are held every month except April, August, and September. Upcoming dates and locations will be posted to this page when they are available.

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Coffee with the Mayor

Gurnee, United States
7105 Grand Avenue

Near Salon Bliss / Giordano's


Saturday, November 18th
10 a.m. til Noon
7105 Grand Avenue (Near Salon Bliss)