CLCJAWA Water Main Installation along Almond Road

March 20th, 2017 Update:

The next phase of the CLCJAWA water main installation project along Almond Road will include intersection work at Almond Road and Washington Street. This phase has been coordinated with D50/D121 Spring Break to prevent disruption to bus scheduling and school traffic, but due to the narrow time frame the week of Monday, March 27th to Saturday, April 1st is expected to be extra disruptive to traffic. Traffic is expected to be reduced to one lane during this time and the intersection will be difficult to pass through. Motorists are encouraged to seek alternate routes during this week if possible.

To stay up to date with the CLCJAWA Almond Road Water Main Installation Project, follow the construction updates at:


September 2016 Update: 

The Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency (CLCJAWA) will be installing a 20” water main on the west side of Almond Road that goes from Washington Street to the North Grandwood Drive water tower to further improve the water service in the area. This project begins in October and includes the removal of trees along the roadway. There will be an open house to discuss the project at the Bittersweet Golf Course Club House (875 Almond Rd) on Thursday, September 29th, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Residents are welcome to participate as CLCJAWA representatives and Village of Gurnee Engineer's explain the project timeline and the scope of work included with the project. 

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the project, see below:

 The Project is being completed by CLCJAWA. The Village held the open house to help prepare residents for the project as it is happening in our community, but it is not a Village of Gurnee project

• Project begins in October 2016 with tree clearing, removing all trees on the west side of Almond that are between the sidewalk and the road in the parkway.
• Contractor is Joe Kennedy Construction
• Subcontractor most likely for tree removal
• Sidewalk removal is next step after the tree removal
• CDM Smith will be the Engineers on site working to manage the site on behalf of CLCJAWA. Contact them if you want to speak to someone on the job site with questions or concerns regarding work.
• The primary work will be the installation of a 20” watermain. This will require a large trenching machine that will be digging a hole 8-12 feet deep and 8 feet wide to allow crews to work in the spot safely.
• There will be lane closures daily

Questions from the audience for Village Engineer Scott Drabicki, speaking on behalf of the CLCJAWA project team:

“Will Almond be closed entirely at any time?”
A. Almond will be kept open, but there may be times it is down one or two lanes of traffic temporarily.

“Will crossings be closed, such as Dada, Washington Park, Bittersweet?” 
A. Crossings will be closed in a coordinated manner to ensure that traffic can still get through with manageable detours.

“How can students walk from the Middle School to Washington Park?”
A. They will need to walk along the east side of Almond on the sidewalk. The project coordinators from JAWA will look in to temporary crossing areas for a solution.

“Will the sidewalk be closed?”
A. Yes, the west side sidewalk will be closed

"Weren't some of the trees just planted there?"
A. Unfortunately, the Village has planted trees there in recent years prior to notice from CLCJAWA regarding the watermain. If possible, the Village will try to save trees through relocation. There will be obstacles to this.

“What type of trees will be replaced in the parkway?”
A. The Village will be replacing some of the trees like ginkgo, maple, and others that are a variety to replace trees when possible in the area between the sidewalk and the road. They will be placed every 50 feet or so, as per the current standard.

“Is there an opportunity to replace the sidewalk with a larger path?”
A. The Village has a Blue Ribbon Committee that is looking at walkability and will be exploring opportunities for Almond walkability. The downside to a larger sidewalk is it will remove the opportunity to plant new trees in the parkway.

“What will the daily construction interruption be like?”
A. The construction interruption will be considerable during periods that the watermain is laid behind homes. CLCJAWA will be installing 100’ of main per day, so it will quickly be moving on from right behind your home and up the path.

“Some talk about a roundabout at Dada and Almond?”
A. The Village will be separately resurfacing Almond in FY2019 or FY2020, and is looking at options for traffic calming measures such as a roundabout and other options.

"Why not do both projects at once?"
A. Doing both projects at once would not be possible, as there would be conflict between road work and parkway work that would have to shutdown the entire area.

“What about the ash trees?”
A. Unfortunately, the ash trees that are east of the sidewalk on the west side will have to be removed as part of the project.

“What about safety of having strangers doing the work?”
A. As always is the case, if you feel threatened at any time do not hesitate to contact 911. Contractors may be parking on side streets to perform the work, but will not be going on to private property without prior notice. 

“What do I do if there is a power outage or cable interruption from the construction?”
A. Contact the utility company (ComEd for electric, AT&T/Comcast for cable, North Shore for gas). You may also call the Village Engineer 847-599-7550.

“What is the benefit to residents?
A. Answer from Mayor Kovarik: “The impact is going to be considerable for the end of 2016 and in to 2017, but I do want residents to begin to think long-term with this project. JAWA contains 9 communities and the infrastructure is beginning to age. With this new main, JAWA will begin to expand the communities it entails. This will allow for a cost-sharing of infrastructure and allows JAWA rates from inflating and impacting our residents. Additionally, this connection will build in redundancies in to the system to allow greater water pressure. It may not be immediate, but there will be benefits involved with this project.