Chief's Message


The success of the Gurnee Fire Department can be attributed to our personnel. Our department consists of a Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, a Fire Marshal, a Training Officer, 3 Battalion Chiefs, 9 Lieutenants. The department has 33 full-time Civil Service FF/PM, 3 civilian inspectors, 1 administrative secretary, 1 administrative intern, and 2 chaplains. 

Through individual commitment and dedication to this profession, both in fire protection and rescue, we strive to stand for quality and customer service.

The Gurnee Fire Department recruits members that are equally committed and dedicated to the department and to the people of the community.

All members are given a chance to express their opinions during meetings, round table discussions, and problem solving sessions. Each individual's opinion leads to productive projects and task forces that help build a diverse, innovative, and nationally recognized Fire/Rescue Department.


Yours in Safety and Protection,
Fred N. Friedl III, CFO
Fire Chief




Deputy Chief John Kavanagh

Fire Marshal

Tom Keefe

Battalion Chiefs

Bob Heraver


Jim Pellitteri


John Skillman

Training Officer

James Pellitteri


Joe Arnold






Bill Burkhart

Scott DePauw

Dave Douglass

Heath Graham
James Gramer

Gary Miller

Robert Szcerba

Andrew Wienckowski