How can I get my streetlight repaired?

We strive to keep all of the village lights working to keep all neighborhoods safe and passable for the enjoyment of everyone. The Village has over 1,540 streetlights to be maintained. With this great amount, we are unable to keep track of all the lights that may need repair without the assistance of our concerned residents. If you know of a streetlight that needs repair, please call the Public Works Facility at (847) 599-6800 to report its outage and it will then be put on a repair list. We will make every effort to have it working within one week of the call, weather permitting. Some lights may require more extensive work and require a longer time of repair, depending on the problem related to it. Commonwealth Edison also has over 460 lights to be maintained within the Village. When these lights are called in to Public Works, we contact Commonwealth Edison and inform them of the outage. They also have an extreme amount of lights they have to maintain throughout the area, and it may take them longer to respond to repair these lights for this reason.