Who put paint marks and/or flags in the parkway / right-of-way?


Paint marks indicate that there will be some type of excavation or repair within that area. This excavation area should be marked in white paint unless it will be too extensive to do so. All underground excavating or repairs are required by law to have these locates before they can be performed. This is called the J.U.L.I.E. LOCATE SYSTEM (1-800-892-0123). The J.U.L.I.E. LOCATES show where all the utilities are located before excavation begins so the work can be performed safely and without disruption to utility services. Calling for these locates first applies to everyone: the Village, private contractors, and residents wishing to perform underground work in their yard. If you see anyone excavating without these locates, please contact the Village Building Department at (847) 599-7550 to report this ilegal operation.

The color meanings for these paint marks are as follows:

Electric:   Fire Protection Red
Communication, Phone, TV:   Alert Orange
Potable Water:   Precaution Blue
Sewer:   Safety Green
Reclaimed Water:   Safety Purple
Proposed Area of Excavation:
  Safety White