Who is going to repair my parkway / Right-of-Way (ROW)?

Work performed in the R.O.W. by the Village could have been performed for a variety of reasons, such as a sidewalk repair, storm or sanitary sewer repair, curb repair, catch basin repair, water main break, or an underground streetlight repair. We try to have all excavations repaired within two weeks, providing the weather cooperates and allows us to do so. Depending on the depth of the excavation, it may be required to let the excavation "settle" for an extended period of time. Without doing this, there will be a greater chance of having to do a return trip to redress and reseed the area after it has settled again. We ask that the homeowner water the restoration area to encourage growth of the seed. This will increase the chances of the restoration having a vigorous growth to restore the yard back to its natural beauty.