My mailbox was damaged during snow plowing. What should I do?

If your mailbox was damaged by the Village snow plow during plowing operations, please call Public Works at (847) 599-6800 to report the damage. It will be replaced* or repaired* as soon as possible.  (*Please note: Mailboxes must be properly placed in order to be replaced by the Village. ) Complete specifications regarding repair/replacement are outlined in the Village's Mailbox Damage from Snow Plowing Policy (PDF).

The driver does not intentionally try to hit or damage the mailbox. During a snow storm, visibility can be limited with blowing snow, or the pavement may be very slippery. Snow plows are affected by the weather conditions in the same ways that other vehicles are. Also, the snow plow must push the snow as far off the road as possible to allow room for the next snow. Sometimes when doing this, the plow may get close to the box and damage it; other times, it may be the weight of the snow that actually pushes the box and does the damage. To reduce the risk of damage to your mailbox, please check to see if the box meets the guidelines set for mailbox installations as required by the U.S. Post Office.