Why am I billed for Lake County Public Works?

Homes located west of the tollway (I-94) pay an additional charge for water used. This charge is now itemized separately on your bill. Although this charge is billed by the Village, it is in turn paid to Lake County Public Works (LCPW). It covers the cost of processing sewage and paying bonds issued for the construction of sewer trunk lines leading to the NSSD Treatment Facility. Current rates are on the Water/Sewer Rates page.

During the summer months a discount is applied to the Lake County Public Works portion of your bill. The discount is based on the assumption that a portion of your summer water usage is not returned as sewage (lawn sprinkling, for example.) The discount applies to bills issued July 1 through December 1. The discount works as follows: Your summer LCPW charge will be based on no more than 110% of your average winter usage. If you used 15,000 gallons of water in the winter months, and have used 25,000 gallons used in summer months, your LCPW charge will be based on usage of 16,500 gallons (15,000 x 110%).