Village of Gurnee - Municipal Code


The Gurnee Municipal Code constitutes a recodification of the general ordinances of the Village of Gurnee, including all ordinances passed on or before January 11, 2016. It does not contain all ordinances, nor does it contain the Village laws found in the building, fire, zoning, and electrical codes. In order to maintain accuracy of the Municipal Code, supplemental ordinances are added biannually. Printed copies of all codes and ordinances are available at the Village Hall or elsewhere on this web site.

The 1977 Code, Ordinance No. 93-158, and ordinances subsequently adopted by the Village Board were referenced to prepare the recodification of the Gurnee Municipal Code. Printed versions of these resources are also available at the Village Hall.

The online version of the Gurnee Municipal code contains all the words, diagrams, etc. found in the printed version. While every attempt is made to keep this online version current, it should be used for reference only. The most recent ordinances amending the Village of Gurnee Municipal Code may be found at the Village Hall.

The following PDF files of the Municipal Code include supplemental ordinances adopted through January 11, 2016.

Village of Gurnee Municipal Code

The following PDF files of the Municipal Code include supplemental ordinances adopted through January 11, 2016.

 Gurnee Municipal Code (PDF)  (In its entirety; 796 pages, 10MB)

Gurnee Municipal Code: Downloadable by Chapter (PDF Format)
 Chapter 1. General Provisions     Chapter 2. Administration 
Chapters 3-5. Reserved  
 Chapter 6. Alcoholic Beverages 
Chapters 7-9. Reserved    Chapter 10. Amusements 
Chapters 11-13. Reserved    Chapter 14. Animals 
Chapter 15-17. Reserved    Chapter 18. Buildings & Building Regulations 
Chapters 19-21. Reserved    Chapter 22. Businesses 
Chapters 23-25. Reserved    Chapter 26. Civil Emergencies 
Chapters 27-29. Reserved    Chapter 30. Emergency Services 
Chapters 31. Reserved   Chapters 32. Comprehensive Fee Schedule 
Chapters 33. Reserved    Chapter 34. Fire Prevention & Protection 
Chapters 35-37. Reserved    Chapter 38. Human Relations 
Chapters 39-41. Reserved    Chapter 42. Law Enforcement
Chapters 43-44. Reserved    Chapter 45. Trees & Woodland Protection

 Chapter 46. Offenses & Miscellaneous Provisions 

  Chapters 47-49. Reserved
 Chapter 50. Peddlers & Solicitors    Chapter 51. Reserved

bullet Chapter 52. Signs 


bullet Chapter 53. Reserved

 Chapter 54. Planning   Chapters 55-57. Reserved
 Chapter 58. Secondhand Goods   Chapters 59-61. Reserved
 Chapter 62. Solid Waste (58K)   Chapters 63-65. Reserved
 Chapter 66. Streets, Sidewalks & Other Public Places    Chapters 67-69. Reserved
 Chapter 70. Subdivisions    Chapter 71. Watershed Development 
bullet point Chapters 72-73. Reserved   bullet point Chapter 74. Taxation 
bullet point Chapters 75-77. Reserved   bullet point Chapter 78. Traffic & Vehicles 
bullet point Chapters 79-81. Reserved   bullet point Chapter 82. Utilities 
bullet point Chapter 83. Cable & Video Provider Fees & Regulations   bullet point Chapter 84-85. Reserved
bullet point Chapter 86. Vegetation    bullet point Chapters 87-89. Reserved
bullet point Chapter 90. Vehicles for Hire   bullet point Chapters 91-93. Reserved
bullet point Chapter 94. Zoning (Reserved)   bullet point Code Comparative Table - 1977 Code  
bullet point Code Comparative Table - Ordinances    bullet point State Law Reference Table