Village-wide Mosquito Adulticiding Treatment to Take Place on Sunday Evening - June 28th

For Release: 
Jun 26, 2009

GURNEE, IL - June 26, 2009 - The Village of Gurnee will undergo a Village-wide adult mosquito control treatment during the evening hours of Sunday, June 28th and continuing into the morning hours of Monday, June 29th, weather permitting.

The spraying will take place in conjunction with a treatment in Waukegan, Warren Township and North Chicago. While the spraying does not pose a risk to residents, those who are sensitive to odors or have chemical sensitivities may want to keep their windows and doors closed on spray dates. The treatment will be conducted by Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc. and is part of the Village’s ongoing mosquito abatement program.

Residents concerned about mosquito abatement in the Village are reminded that the Village contracts with Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc. to provide mosquito control services to the Village of Gurnee during the summer and early fall months.

The services provided to the Village are based on an integrated pest management approach, including larval control, biological control and the strategic use of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency labeled and registered pesticides for adult control.

Homeowners can also help control mosquitoes by eliminating potential breeding grounds around their home. Empty or remove outdoor receptacles that hold water. Clean gutters, pools, basins, vases, and birdbaths frequently.

For more information on eliminating potential mosquito breeding grounds in your yard and reducing the threat of West Nile virus, residents can get more information at: /public_works/seasonal/summer/mosquito.

Residents who have questions regarding the Village's mosquito control services, or would like to report areas of severe biting or standing water, should contact the Mosquito Hotline at 1-800-942-2555 or e-mail Clarke at: