Why is the Village pruning my tree?

The Public Works Department has three ISA Certified Arborists conducting a comprehensive pruning program on all the parkway trees in the Village.  This program focuses first on hazard abatement, next on promoting tree health, and finally on improving the tree's appearance.  It is the Village's goal to complete a total pruning rotation every six years.


Will the Village replace my parkway tree if it dies?

When a parkway tree dies, Public Works crews will remove the tree and arrange for its replacement.  Trees will be replaced on a first come first served basis and as budget constraints allow.


How can I get an additional tree planted in the parkway?

The Village of Gurnee offers a 50/50 cost share parkway tree planting program every spring for residents who would like to have a tree or trees planted in the parkway adjacent to their property.  Information on this program is sent out with the Village's "Keeping Posted" newsletter and is available on our website.


Where can I get wood chips?

Wood chips are a byproduct of many Public Works programs.  Residents can pick up these chips free of charge at the Public Works site located at 1151 Kilbourne Road.


What are those silver tags on the parkway trees?

Public Works crews are currently conducting a Village-wide inventory of all publicly-owned trees.  This process involves the numbering and collection of data such as tree diameter, species, location, and condition.  This data will be entered into a computerized database that will assist the Village in determining the current and future needs of Gurnee's urban forest.