What is a Special Use?

An application for a Special Use or expansion of a Special Use shall be filed with the Community Development Department, after a meeting with staff to discuss the application and approval process.  The application shall be accompanied by such plans and/or data prescribed by the department. Typically, these plans include but are not limited to a site plan, landscape plan, signage plan, lighting plan, building elevations, and/or preliminary engineering plans. Additionally, the application shall include a statement in writing by the applicant (letter of intent) and adequate evidence showing that the proposed Special Use will conform to the standards set forth in Article 13, Section 13.11.6.

The Plan Commission will hold a public hearing with legal notice being placed in a published newspaper of general circulation in the Village of Gurnee. The Plan Commission meets on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Wednesday of each month. The hearing notice must be placed at least fifteen (15) days in advance of each hearing. Additionally, a sign is posted on the subject property displaying the hearing date, and a notification letter is mailed to all property owners within 500 feet of the subject property.

The Plan Commission is a recommending body and for each Special Use application, the Commission will report to the Village Board of Trustees its findings and recommendations, including any stipulations or conditions of approval that are necessary for the protection of the public interest. Upon receipt of these findings of fact and recommendations from the Plan Commission, the Village Board shall act upon the proposed application for Special Use.