Law Enforcement Careers


Career Opportunities

A career with a law enforcement organization, whether as a sworn Police Officer, Community Service Officer, 911-Emergency Telecommunicator, or as Administrative Support personnel, can be very rewarding and challenging. In the Gurnee Police Department, many such career opportunities exist. (Click here for current job opportunities.

Law Enforcement/Promotion Opportunities

A career in law enforcement with the Gurnee Police Department begins with the entry level position of Police Officer. Basic requirements for this position include a minimum age of 21 years but less than 35 years of age and 60 hours of college credit or previous military experience or previous experience as a sworn police officer.

Many people begin preparing for a career in law enforcement by pursuing additional education, either at the Associate or Bachelor degree level. Area colleges which offer law enforcement degree programs include the College of Lake County and Columbia College of Missouri - Park City Branch. Individuals interested in pursuing additional education related to law enforcement should speak with a college counselor to assist in planning their future educational curriculum.

The following ranks are promotional positions within the Gurnee Police Department:

  • Sergeant
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Deputy Chief
  • Chief

Additional training, education, and experience as a police officer help to prepare individuals for these positions. 

Training Opportunities

The Gurnee Police Department provides its officers with many opportunities to advance their skills, such as: 
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Northern Illinois Reconstruction
  • Truck Enforcement
  • Breathalyzer Operator
  • Firearms
  • Self Defense
  • Evidence Recognition and Recovery
  • Crash investigation
  • Lake County Major Crime Task Force
  • Lake County Metropolitan s Police Alarm System
  • Investigations
  • School Recourse Officer
  • Gurnee Mills and Great America Assignments
  • And many more 

Other Career Opportunities

For individuals not interested in a career as a police officer, or who do not currently meet the minimum requirements, other opportunities exist to become involved in a law enforcement organization. Many individuals begin work as a Community Service Officer or 911-Emergency Telecommunicator to find out how a police department operates and for experience in a law enforcement agency.

The basic requirements for a Community Service Officer are minimum age of 18 years and a high school diploma or equivalent. This position is involved in non-criminal enforcement of Village ordinances, assisting the general public on non-emergency distress calls, administrative support to police personnel, traffic control, animal control duties, and other related functions. Individuals in this position do not carry firearms and are not able to arrest, detain, or pursue criminals or to issue citations / tickets for violations of criminal laws.

911-Emergency Telecommunicators assist in dispatching emergency and non-emergency calls for the Gurnee Police Department, the Gurnee Fire Department, and the Newport Township Fire Department. Telecommunicators utilize advanced equipment to assist in the performance of their job duties. Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) displays information about the caller such as name, address, and phone number, to assist in dispatching personnel and equipment to the correct location. Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) equipment assists Telecommunicators in providing basic life-saving information to the caller until Paramedics arrive. Individuals must be certified to use such equipment and maintain their certifications during their career. Training for certification and recertification is provided by the department. For individuals interested in a career as a Telecommunicator, the basic requirements are one (1) year of relevant public safety dispatch and a high school diploma or equivalent.

Administrative support positions within the police department include Secretarial and Records Clerk positions. Secretarial positions require previous experience and proficiency in using word processing and spreadsheet programs. These positions provide administrative support to the Police Chief, Deputy Police Chiefs, Administrative Commander, and the Investigations Division. Secretarial positions are involved in the preparation of departmental correspondence, handling telephone calls, filing of reports, maintenance of appointments or calendars for necessary personnel, distribution of mail, and other related functions. Records Clerk positions require extensive experience in data-entry and provide departmental support by inputting information on reports generated by police officers into several databases of information, processing tickets and citations, responding to Freedom of Information Requests, compiling statistics for departmental and State-required reports, and other related functions.


The following benefits are available to police officers (some variations apply to civilian positions):

  • 2016 Police Officer Salary Range: $65,039 - $96,096 per year
  • Full academy training
  • Paid holidays, personal days, and vacation time
  • 12 sick days/year with buyback program for unused time
  • Health insurance (including vision and prescription coverage)
  • Dental insurance
  • Police Pension Plan
  • Group life and accidental death/dismemberment insurance
  • Participation in section 125 flexible compensation plan
  • Deferred compensation plan (457 plan)
  • Tuition reimbursement program
  • Clothing allowance for uniforms 

Where To Get More Information

Individuals interested in finding out more information about careers in law enforcement with the Gurnee Police Department should contact the Gurnee Police Department at (847) 599-7000 or the Director of Human Resources for the Village of Gurnee at (847) 599-7500.