About the Civil Service Commission

In March of 1895, the State of Illinois adopted an Act to regulate the Civil Service of cities. The citizens of the Village of Gurnee elected to come under the provisions of the Civil Service Act on April 18, 1967 through a referendum for that purpose. The Civil Service Commission has the responsibility to carry out the provisions of the Act through the creation and enforcement of rules and regulations. All Civil Service Classified employees are subject to these rules and regulations.

The Civil Service Commission is composed of three members, to be appointed as provided by law. One commissioner will be appointed for one year from the time of appointment and until their respective successor is appointed and qualified. Thereafter, one member of the commission shall be appointed each year. The terms of the members of the commission shall be three years. In the case of a vacancy, the successor shall be appointed as provided by law. A majority of the members constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The Civil Service Commission elects the necessary officers and makes the rules to carry out the purposes of the statutes and for appointments and removals in accordance with its provisions, and exercises all the powers and performs all the duties and obligations confirmed or imposed on the Commission by statute.