Branch Clean-Up

Gurnee Public Works efforts are focused on clearing the public streets and public walkways of debris, in addition to removing broken branches still hanging from parkway trees that may be hazardous to the safety of our residents. 

Three chipping crews are working to remove debris from the right of way placed at the curb.  While the Village cannot assist homeowners in the cutting, clearing, or transporting of privately owned trees from your yard, we can dispose of the debris as long as it is left neatly in a pile within the Village parkway. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Diameter of each branch should be 18 inches or less; no length requirement; even the longest branches will be taken as long as you can pull them to the curb.
  • Brush should be placed in orderly piles with the cut end facing the street.
  • Please be sure NOT to block the public streets or walkways when placing branches in the parkway. 
  • Public Works will make multiple trips through the Village to remove brush.  It is NOT necessary to call the Village to report brush that is ready to be collected.  Residents should, however, report debris in the roadway to Public Works at 847-599-6800 or Non-emergency Police at 847-599-7000.