Notification - July 13th, 2011 Severe Weather Response - 10:15 a.m. Update

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July 13th Severe Weather Response - 10:15 a.m. Update

The Village of Gurnee currently has approximately 5,300 outages, this is down from 12,000 at the peak of the storm.  As of 5:00pm last night, over 8,000 Gurnee residents were still without power.  Approximately 53% of the Gurnee customer base has been restored as of 10:00am this morning.  Fifty out of state crews are expected to arrive in Gurnee today.  Com Ed estimates that 90% of customers in the northern region should be restored by midnight on Thursday, July 14th, with 99% restored by midnight on Friday, July 15th.   This is sooner that what was originally estimated.  A Com Ed representative is on-site and working directly with municipal leaders.  Please also be aware the outage could result in interruptions in cell phone service. 

Overall, Com Ed has restored power to 675,685 customers since the start of the storm, leaving 193,000 still without power.  Currently over 400 Com Ed crews are working around the clock to restore service, with additional crews in route to assist from states as far away as Georgia. 

Power outages and downed wires should be reported to Com Ed at 1-800-Edison-1.  If you see a downed power line, STAY AWAY and tell others to do the same.  For information on power outages, including maps and the restoration process, please visit Com Ed’s website at

Gurnee Public Works efforts are focused on clearing the public streets and public walkways of debris; in addition to removing broken branches still hanging from parkway trees that may be hazardous to the safety of our residents.  Three chipping crews are working to remove debris from the right of way placed at the curb.  While the Village cannot assist homeowners in the cutting, clearing, or transporting of privately owned trees from your yard, we can dispose of the debris as long as it is left neatly in a pile within the Village parkway.  Brush should be placed in orderly piles with the cut end facing the street.  Please be sure NOT to block the public streets or walkways when placing branches in the parkway.  Public Works will make multiple trips through the Village to remove brush.  It is NOT necessary to call the Village to report brush that is ready to be collected.  Resident should however report debris in the roadway to Public Works at 847-599-6800 or Non-emergency Police at 847-599-7000. 

Residents with damaged overhead service lines where they enter the home should be aware that portions may be their responsibility for repair.  You may need a licensed electrician to assist depending on the specific damage.  More information can be found on the Village’s website at

Residents using portable generators are reminded of the following safety tips:

  • Read the owner's manual before you operate the generator. If you've lost the manual, contact the manufacturer for another copy.
  • Never use the generator in a confined space.  Generators produce carbon monoxide as a byproduct, and this gas can quickly lead to poisoning.  If you feel sick or dizzy, get to fresh air immediately.
  • Do not use the generator in rainy or wet conditions as this increases the likelihood of electrical shock.  Further, if you cannot plug appliances directly into the generator, use a heavy duty, outdoor-rated extension cord.
  • Do not overload your generator or “back feed” your house wiring by plugging the generator into a wall outlet.  This can become an electrocution risk and is very dangerous.
  • If you have a generator that must be refueled, turn the generator off and let it cool down before refueling.  This reduces the risk of fuel ignition on hot parts of the generator.
  • Many generator parts are hot enough to burn you during operation. Stay away from the muffler and other hot areas.
  • Keep children away from portable electric generators at all times.

As more information becomes available the Village will share it through its website, email notifications, and automated phone calls.

ons, and automated phone calls.  


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