Steeple Pointe and Estates of Churchill Hunt Neighborhood Watch Meeting - 4/12/12

Steeple Pointe and Estates of Churchill Hunt

The police department gave a presentation at the Steeple Pointe and Estates of Churchill Hunt Neighborhood Watch meeting on 04/12/12. Here is a brief summary:

To receive informational phone calls from the village through our automated system, please register by visiting:

Residents are encouraged to connect with the police department via email and text message alerts by visiting It's free and registration is fast and simple. Additionally, residents can stay connected with the police department through our Facebook page titled "Gurnee Police Department." 

250 police calls for service were responded to in 2011. The 6-year average is 251. 9 (roughly 3.6%) of the calls received from the neighborhood in 2011 were for IUCR crimes. This is below the 6-year average (or the "norm" for the neighborhood) of 13 crimes annually. The rest of the calls are considered quasi-criminal, traffic, and service-related. There were no crimes against persons (violent crime) reported in the neighborhood during 2010 and 2011.

In a review of IUCR crimes reported during the past 24 months, property crime such as vehicle burglary and fraud/theft remain the predominant cases in the neighborhood. There was 1 residential burglary reported in 2011 and none in 2010. Since 2006, 1,504 calls for service have been responded to in neighborhoods; 80 of them crimes. In other words, 5.3% of calls in the neighborhood are for actual crimes.

Crimes and calls for service that speak to quality of life issues in residential neighborhoods have remained relatively stable in neighborhoods for the past 6 years, as has the total number of actual crimes being reported each year. The highest number of crimes (19) were reported in 2006. The lowest (7) in 2010.

We also gave a short presentation of prevention of street crimes. For a copy of what was discussed relative to this topic, please contact the crime prevention unit at 847-599-7080.

The next regularly scheduled neighborhood watch meeting for the area is currently slated for 10/04/12 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM at the Gurnee police station. An official notice will be circulated when the date is closer.