Deer Creek Condominiums; Beat 66 Neighborhood Watch Meeting - 6/21/12

Deer Creek Condominiums; Beat 66

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The Deer Creek Condominium complex had their most recent Neighborhood Watch meeting on 06/21/12. The meeting was facilitated by Crime Prevention Technician Tom Agos. Mayor Kovarik, Sergeant Jim Lange, Officers Matt Bendler, Phil Mazur and Tom Woodruff also attended. The audio recording is attached and below is a brief summary:

Patricia Fix; Chief of the Felony Trial Division of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office gave a presentation on the criminal prosecution process.

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Residents are encouraged to connect with the police department via email and text message alerts by visiting It's free and registration is fast and simple. Additionally, residents can stay connected with the police department through our Facebook page titled "Gurnee Police Department."

Police Activity Summary:

334 police calls for service were generated during 2011 in Deer Creek. Historically, the average is 214. Through May 30th 2012, 129 police calls for service have been generated.

42 (roughly 12.4%) of the calls received from the neighborhood in 2011 were for IUCR crimes. 30 were reported in 2010. The rest of the police calls are considered quasi-criminal, traffic, and service-related.

A review of IUCR crimes reported during the past 12 months show property crime remain the predominant issue in the complex. There were 10 criminal damage to property reports in 2011 and 3 so far in 2012. There were 8 vehicle burglaries reported in 2011 and 5 in 2010. So far in 2012 there have been no vehicle burglaries.

Since January 2006, 1,285 calls for service have been responded to in Deer Creek; 155 of them IUCR crimes. The calls for service to crime ratio in the complex is 12%.

Crimes and calls for service that speak to quality of life issues in multi-family areas have remained relatively stable for the past 6 years. The highest number of crimes (42) were reported in 2011. The lowest (15) in 2008. The six-year average is 26 crimes reported annually.

The next regularly scheduled neighborhood watch meeting for the area is currently slated for a December 2012 date at the Gurnee police station. An official notice will be circulated when the date is closer.