Suspect Charged in Residential Burglary

For Release: 
Sep 6, 2012

Gurnee, IL – At 12:35 pm on 9/05/2012, the Gurnee Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious person near a home in the 3900 block of Drexel Ave. The caller described a male with dark hair who was not known to be connected with the residence in question. While on the phone with Gurnee 911 operators, the caller observed the subject knock on the front door. After receiving no answer, the suspect entered the home through a side door.

Responding officers surrounded the home then entered it to find a lone person inside. Investigation revealed that the person had no connection to the home, nor did he have permission to be inside it. That person was identified as Erik Mederos, 23, of Gurnee. Mederos was taken into custody without incident.

After reviewing the case with the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, Mederos was charged with one count of residential burglary, a class 1 felony. It is believed Mederos is responsible for similar crimes in other jurisdictions. The investigation into his activities continues. Mederos is in custody at the Gurnee police lock-up and is scheduled to be taken to a bond hearing.

“This is another example of community involvement in neighborhood policing,” Chief Kevin Woodside said. “A resident, who is familiar with his neighbors, looks out for them, sees something unusual and calls the police. This is exactly the message we promote; if you see something, say something.”