Providence Village Neighborhood Watch Meeting - 10/18/12

Providence Village

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Providence Village had their most recent Neighborhood Watch meeting on 10/18/12. The meeting was facilitated by Officers Dion Snyder and Tim Lavris. Officers Mark O’Brien and Dana Dingman, along with communications operator Courtney Bjoring also attended. A 40 minute audio recording of the meeting is attached. Below is a brief summary:

To receive informational phone calls from the village through our automated system, please register by visiting, the village’s web site.

Residents are encouraged to connect with the police department via email and text message alerts by visiting It's free and registration is fast and simple. Additionally, residents can stay connected with the police department through Follow the village on Twitter @VillageofGurnee.

We presented a training session to the group, featuring the video “Shots Fired! When Lightning Strikes.” This dynamic video is designed to teach members of the public realistic strategies for dealing with an active shooter situation. A 2 minute sample of the video can be viewed here:

Due to copyright laws, the attached meeting recording has been edited to remove the video sound. Discussion after the video is included in the recording.

Police Activity Summary:

243 police calls for service have been generated by the neighborhoods from January 1st through August 31st, 2012. Historically, the annual average is 319. Nine of the calls received from Providence Village during the examined time period were for (Illinois Uniform Crime Report) IUCR crimes. The rest of the police calls are considered quasi-criminal, traffic, and service-related.

Since January 2007, 1,913 calls for service have been responded to in the neighborhood; 125 of them IUCR crimes. The calls for service to IUCR crime ratio in the area is roughly 6.4%.

In all of 2012, we expect 21 IUCR crimes to occur in the patrol beat based on the trend established during the previous 5 years. 2012 so far is trending far below that average.

The next regularly scheduled neighborhood watch meeting for the area is currently slated for a date in April of 2013; sooner should the need arise. An official notice will be circulated when the date is closer.