Mosquito Abatement Treatment to be held During Overnight Hours of Tuesday, August 20th

During the evening hours of Tuesday, August 20th and continuing into the morning hours of Wednesday, August 21st, the Village’s contractor, Clarke Environmental Management, will conduct a community-wide mosquito abatement treatment.  This spraying will be the third community-wide treatment of the season.  While the spraying does not pose a risk to residents, those who are sensitive to odors or have chemical sensitivities may want to keep their windows and doors closed during the treatment. 

This treatment is part of the Village’s ongoing mosquito abatement program aimed at reducing the threat of West Nile virus. 

For more information on this program, how to eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds in your yard and how to reduce the threat of West Nile virus, please visit the Village's webpage on mosquito abatement.