Heat Your Utility Rooms and Keep Your Pipes from Bursting

With the recent drop in temperature, the Fire Prevention Bureau has discovered a number of frozen sprinkler pipes in buildings across the Village. Frozen pipes may not only burst but may also cause sprinklers to completely fail as they are unable to supply water to put out a fire.  Follow the tips below in order to ensure your sprinklers function as designed and to prevent unnecessary water damage to your property:

  1. Heat hallways, utility rooms and other areas in which water pipes are located. Do not turn off the heat in order to save on utility costs.
  2. If you find a frozen pipe, promptly thaw it. Use gradual heat to thaw it. Never use open flame as this can both damage the pipe and pose an independent fire hazard.
  3. Prevent frozen pipes through proper heating and insulation if necessary.
  4. If you are leaving your home for an extended period, please set your thermostat to keep a consistent temperature in your home.
  5. If your pipes are in an area where they cannot be easily insulated or heated, let a faucet trickle to keep water moving.

Read more Fire Department tips on how to protect your pipes and what to do in the event a pipe does burst.

For any questions, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (847) 599-6650.