Help Keep Your Neighbors and You Safe: Don't Throw Snow into the Street

With the potential for more large snowfall events to impact the area, this is simply a friendly reminder that it is illegal to throw snow into the street. Not only does this work against snow plowing operations by reintroducing snow into cleared and salted streets, it can also lead to ice buildup on streets, which can make them just as dangerous as if they had never been plowed. Please place snow from your driveway, sidewalks and any other areas you clear either into the parkway or your yard to help avoid creating hazards for traffic and pedestrians. 

If you're concerned about snow being pushed into your driveway during plowing, please keep in mind that while this largely unavoidable, you can help minimize the amount of snow being plowed back in by placing your snow "downstream" of your driveway. Simply observe which direction the plow comes from to clear in front of your home and place your snow on the parkway or side of your driveway away from the direction of travel. 

As always, the Village appreciates your cooperation and wishes you safe travel. 
Please contact the Public Works Department at (847) 599-8600 for any questions.