New Year, New You! New Year's Resolution Suggestions from the Village

Each year, up to 40% of Americans make new year's resolutions.  Many times they are for our personal improvement, but sometimes they can be good for both the community and ourselves.  No matter what your goals are this year, below are some simple suggestions and programs offered by the Village to consider for your resolutions:

Resolution: I want to get involved in the community.

  1. ‚ÄčJoin Neighborhood Watch: Join one of the Village’s 31 active Neighborhood Watch groups, meet your neighbors and help protect your home.  These groups not only build community but have contributed to the prevention or resolution of as high as an estimated 30% of crimes reported in residential neighborhoods. To learn more, contact the Crime Prevention Office at (847) 599-7080.
  2. Participate in the Citizens Police Academy: The Citizens Policy Academy (CPA) is an annual training source designed to give residents a first-hand, participatory look at the Gurnee Police Department’s operations and the opportunity to join an active group of alumni.  To learn more, visit the CPA's page on the Village's website.
  3. Join Nextdoor: In July, the Village launched a new initiative in conjunction with, a social media site that creates private social networks for neighborhoods.  Every neighborhood in the Village now has a 100% free site that residents can use to meet their neighbors and get involved in the neighborhood. Visit to sign up.
  4. Take a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Course: The Gurnee Fire Department offers regular training on CPR, a life-saving skill which can help sustain someone suffering from cardiac arrest.  In many cases, the use of CPR in an emergency will save someone’s life.  To get a list of upcoming courses, contact the Fire Department at (847) 599-6600.

Resolution: I want to improve my home.

  1. Get a Permit: The Village’s Building Safety Division processes thousands of permits a year for all kinds of home improvements.  A list of projects requiring a permit is available on the Village’s website.  Residents can also call the Division at (847) 599-7550 with any questions.
  2. Get a Home Fire Safety Inspection: The Fire Department offers residents the opportunity to get a free home inspection to identify and remove potential hazards.  To schedule an appointment or for any questions, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (847) 599-6650.
  3. Free Mulch Available for Landscaping: The Public Works Department makes mulch made from local forestry projects available to residents year-round at the Public Works Facility (1151 Kilbourne Road).  Residents need only stop by to pick some up for their landscaping projects.
  4. Conserve Water: Water conservation not only reduces your utility bill - it also helps preserve our natural resources.  The Public Works Department has a number of resources available to residents to help them identify potential water loss in their homes and correct it.  Visit the Utility Division's website page for more information.
Resolution: I want to help the environment.
  1. Recycle: Did you know 70% of what's thrown out every day is recyclable? Did you also know that 100% of residents in Gurnee have access to recycling? Find out more about what can be recycled and where it can be on the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County's website.
  2. Help Reduce Stormwater Problems: Each year, the Village spends a significant amount of time and resources dedicated to stormwater management, or controlling and directing rain water and snow melt off, to prevent flooding.  Residents can assist and help reduce their water bills through any of the following simple means:
    a. Purchase a rain barrel: Rain barrels are placed under downspouts to collect rain water which can be used for watering.
    b. Plant native grass and shrubs: Native plants are better suited to the environment and require less water than non-native plants.
    For more information on purchasing rain barrels or native plants, watch the Village’s website for updates in the spring.
The Village wishes everyone a safe and happy new year!