Public Works Department Emphasizes Salt Conservation During Snow & Ice Control

Over the last five years, the Public Works Department has been concentrating on developing and fine-tuning its snow & ice control plan. This critical document acts as the operations and policy guide for all snow & ice control activities and places heavy emphasis on how basic necessary supplies, such as salt, are managed and used. Though recent technological advancements such as automatic spreaders and liquid anti-icing agents can help dramatically improve the effectiveness of salt, basic conservation is still a key element of the program. Largely, this is to ensure that there is always a ready supply of salt at any time during the snowfall season but also because the use of less salt can help control costs and protect the environment.
One of the core components of conservation is to maximize the benefits of salt by using it judiciously. Therefore, in some storm events, plow drivers may only salt main line roads or wait until a storm is winding down before beginning to spread it. Again, this is to help ensure that the supply on hand is adequate for an entire season and to get the most benefit of salt by applying it to the most traveled and important roads.  The Department requests that residents living on side streets and on cul-de-sacs or dead-ends use caution and their best judgment in traveling on their roads during the winter because salt may not always be applied directly to their streets for this reason.
For more information on snow & ice control, see the Department's plan here. For any questions, please contact Public Works at (847) 599-6800