Hickory Haven; Patrol Beat 119 Neighborhood Watch Meeting - 3/6/14

Hickory Haven; Patrol Beat 119

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The Hickory Haven neighborhood had their most recent Neighborhood Watch meeting on 03/06/14. The meeting was facilitated by Crime Prevention Specialist Tom Agos and Officer Dan Ruth. Sergeant Jon Ward, Officer Phil Mazur, and Officer Chris Lindahl also attended. Chief Woodside joined the group as well. Your next meeting is scheduled for September 4th, 2014; sooner if the need arises. A 41 minute audio recording is attached and below is a brief summary:

Police Activity Summary:

205 police calls for service were generated during all of 2013 in patrol beat 119. Historically, the annual average is 208 per year.

Seven of the calls for service within the patrol beat 2013 were for Illinois Uniform Crime Report (IUCR) crimes. The rest of the police calls are considered quasi-criminal, traffic, and service-related.

Since January 2008, 1,251 calls for service have been responded to in patrol beat 119; 44 of them IUCR crimes. The call for service to crime ratio in the neighborhood is 3.55%.

14 traffic crashes were reported in 2013 and officers initiated 93 traffic enforcement related activities in the patrol beat.


Officer Dan Ruth gave the group a presentation on the myths and realities of sex offender registration laws.

Odds and Ends:

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