Get Rewarded for Recycling - Join Recyclebank!

It's often said that small changes over time add up to a big difference, and that's especially true with something like recycling. The average American generates 4.38 pounds of trash a day, and if just one pound of that is recycled each day, that can add up to up to 30,000 pounds over a lifetime! If you want to get started or even be rewarded for all that work you're putting in, check out the Recyclebank program!

Recyclebank is a recycling promotion company that creates reward programs to encourage participation in local recycling services. Here's how it works: You create an account with Recyclebank and then complete a variety of activities like learning more about recycling or simply reporting that you recycle each week. Then, Recyclebank awards you points for those activities which you can redeem for coupons, specials and other deals with both local and online merchants like Macy's or even Steven's Steakhouse and other local restaurants. Not only can you save some money, you can also help support local business! And because Recyclebank is partnered with Waste Management, Gurnee residents who get their trash collection service through the Village's contract with Waste Management also have points automatically added to their account based on the weight of all the materials recycled on their collection route. The more your neighbors and you put out for recycling, the more points you get!
To learn more and sign up, visit Recyclebank's website or call their hotline at 1-888-727-2978.