NEW! Gurnee Unveils Online Permitting Application - OneStop Gurnee


In an effort to simplify the building permit application process and make it more convenient for residents and businesses, the Village of Gurnee has created a new website called OneStop Gurnee that allows users to submit some permit applications online. The site allows you to supply the information and materials required for permit submittal online, without having to make an initial visit to Village Hall. OneStop Gurnee will also allow you to track the progress of your permit application and, eventually, make payments online.

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New MedWaste Kiosk at Village Hall

As part of the new residential refuse and recycling contract, the Village has partnered with Waste Management (WM) to provide a community MedWaste kiosk at Village Hall (325 N. O’Plaine Road). Residents who use sharps, syringes or lancets to inject medications can use this kiosk to dispose of this medical waste. Medical waste is disposed of separately from other refuse in order to prevent it from ending up in the environment, where it can pose a risk of injury or infection to others.

The MedWaste kiosk is a self-contained unit that will be picked up by WM and disposed of regularly. The kiosk is located on the right hand side of the main entry doors to Village Hall. Residents can bring in any standard sharps container, up to about a 1.4 quart size, for disposal at the MedWaste kiosk. Sharps containers are available for purchase from medical supply companies, pharmacies and some health providers. The Village has a limited number of free sharps containers available.

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Seeking Citizen Police Academy Applicants

Sign up now for the August 28th through November 20th 2014 session!

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