Citizen Police Academy: Week 11

Citizen Police Academy



Week 11

Drug Paraphernalia

Crime Prevention




Cocaine, marijuana, PCP, methamphetamines . . . it may seem like drugs are a problem just for big cities, but its reach extends to suburbs and communities all over. All ethnicities, all income brackets, all ages are affected by drug use.

Tonight's class featured a GPD officer who had formerly worked undercover as a narcotics officer. He described the various types of drugs often encountered in Lake County and what the county and local precincts are doing to curtail use and trafficking of such substances. He also showed us several samples of confiscated narcotics to demonstrate how dealers sometimes package drugs in an attempt to sell them without gaining attention.

Next, we learned about crime prevention, from the viewpoint of a retailer. An officer who works at the GPD's Gurnee Mills Substation described the great amount of retail theft he sees there, methods used by both the department and retailers to attempt to curb theft, and how offenders are dealt with.

Next week is our graduation ceremony! It's always nice to conclude weeks of training, but I'll bet a lot of us have mixed feelings about our classes coming to an end. Who would have thought we'd ever get an inside view to our local police department?